Gutenberg Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

Do you know why most of the bloggers, content writers and marketers prefer writing on Google Docs, Microsoft Word over WordPress? The answer is simple, better keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts speed up the process of producing content because instead of using the mouse/touchpad now and then, we can do all the formatting just by using the […]

How to Fix iOS 11.4.1 WiFi Issues

Apple has launched the latest iOS 11.4.1 update, and it fixes many bugs the previous version of the operating system had. But like any other major iOS update, it comes with its own set of glitches. One of the most highlighting ones is the WiFi problem. Many users have reported issues with WiFi connection on […]

How to fix Windows 10 no sound problem

So, you just upgraded your computer to Windows 10, only to find that it ultimately went into the silent mode. It’s not producing any sound and neither your headphones nor speakers are working on your PC/laptop. Let me tell you; you’re far from alone who are facing this issue. Many users have reported that Windows […]

How to Resize Photo in Windows 10

Why did Microsoft change the Photos app? Since when is massively reducing functionality an upgrade? These are the questions almost every Photos app user is asking to Microsoft upgrading their PC to Windows 10. The new Windows 10 Photos app is limited and many features the former version of this app supported has now disappeared; […]

Can’t Download Apps from Microsoft Store? Here’s a fix

Microsoft introduced the Windows 10 1803 version a few months back and ever since its arrival; many users are complaining about not being able to download apps from their PC’s Microsoft Store. In fact, a couple of days ago, one of our team members faced the same issue. When we dug a little deeper, we […]

How to fix LTE/Mobile Data problem with WiFi on an iPhone running iOS 12

Since the arrival of iOS 12 Beta 2, many users have complained about a particular issue where Mobile Data doesn’t work after connecting to WiFi for a few minutes. The problem wasn’t present on the iOS 12 Beta 1, but Beta 2 and Beta 3 releases both have cellular data issues on iPhone. For the […]

Will Instagram Add Landscape Video Support in IGTV?

It’s been not even a month since Facebook-owned Instagram launched its much-awaited IGTV app last month on 20th June, but people all around the world have already started going gaga over it. As David Phelan on Forbes said, it’s one the bravest update of Instagram to take on video giants like YouTube. But this ‘bravest’ […]