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Clear Cache

How to Clear Cache in Windows 11

Clear the system and browser cache on Windows 11 to free up storage, boost system performance, and fix minor errors.

Windows 11 Logo Dark

How to Check Windows 11 Version

A simple look at the desktop and you can identify if it’s Windows 8, Windows 10, or Windows 11 but…

Performance Boost

How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows 11

Learn how to disable startup programs to boot Windows quicker and boost system performance.

Critical Process Error

How to Fix Critical Process Died Error in Windows 11

Quick and effective fixes for the most common reasons behind ‘Critical Process Died’ error in Windows 11.

Multiple Files

How to Select All Files in Windows 11

Here’s how you select all files on Windows 11, using the keyboard, mouse, or a combination of both.


7 Ways to Fix DNS Server Unavailable Error in Windows 11

We are connected to the internet for the most part of the day, be it for work or personal use….

USB Drive

6 Ways to Fix USB Drive Not Showing Up Issue in Windows

Learn how to fix issues that prevent a USB drive from showing up either in the File Explorer or Disk Management, or both.

Computer speakers

How to Fix Realtek Audio Issues in Windows 11

Having issues playing audio on Windows 11? Here’s how you can quickly resolve most sound issues on a Windows PC.

iPhone Full Page Screenshot-iOS-13

How to Take Full Page (Scrolling) Screenshot in Chrome on iPhone

Seamlessly capture full-page screenshots in Chrome on iPhone and bid farewell to any workaround that you have been using until now.

Computer User Password

How to Remove Password from Windows 11

Everything you need to know about removing the sign-in password on your Windows 11 PC.

Chrome Memories

What is Chrome Memories and How to Enable and Use It

All you need to know about Chrome Memories, a refined version of your browsing History in Google Chrome.

PC Admin

How to ‘Run as Administrator’ on Windows 11

Here are 8 ways to launch an app with administrative privileges on Windows 11. Also, learn how to modify settings such that an app always runs elevated.

Processor Usage

How to Fix Windows 11 High CPU Usage

A high CPU usage affects the performance and heats the system. Execute these quick and simple fixes to resolve the high CPU usage issue.

Computer BIOS

How to Enter BIOS on a Windows 11 PC

Learn how to access BIOS from Startup or Windows 11 Settings in order to make changes to hardware settings on your PC.

Delete Computer Files

How to Delete Temporary Files in Windows 11

Clear up storage space on your Windows 11 PC by deleting these unnecessary temporary files.

Split Screen

How to Disable Windows 11 Snap Layouts

The Snap feature on Windows 11 allows you to view and access multiple windows at once by splitting them on…

Black Screen Cursor

How to Fix Windows 11 Black Screen with Mouse Cursor Issue

7 ways to fix the black screen with cursor on display issue in Windows 11.

User Account PC

How to Remove Microsoft Account from Windows 11

Is the option to remove a Microsoft account missing or greyed out? Learn how to remove it anyway (forcefully) on Windows 11.

Virtual OS

How to Enable Hyper-V on Windows 11

Here are all the ways you can enable the Hyper-V feature in Windows 11 to run virtual Operating Systems on your PC.

Hard Disk

How to Fix Windows 11 High Disk Usage

Here’s all you need to know about ‘High Disk Usage’, along with the most effective fixes to resolve the issue.

Multiple desktop

How to Use Multiple Desktops in Windows 11

The ultimate guide to using multiple desktops in Windows 11.