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Slow internet speed

9 Ways to Increase Internet Speed on Windows 11

Here are some tips to resolve any underlying issues on your Windows 11 computer that may be slowing down the internet speed.

Group Policy Editor

How to Enable or Install Group Policy Editor on Windows 11 Home Edition

Get the Group Policy Editor on Windows 11 Home Edition without having to upgrade to the Pro edition.

Group Policy Editor

How to Open Group Policy Editor on Windows 11

Nine ways to instantly launch the Group Policy Editor

Computer Error

How to Fix ‘Video TDR Failure’ Error on Windows 11

9 effective fixes to beat this BSOD error

Computer Hard Disk

How to Clear Disk Space on Windows 11

Get rid of those unwanted files and clear some storage space, now!

Command Prompt

How to Set Command Prompt (CMD) as Default in Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal is a multi-tabbed terminal application for command-line users. It offers Windows PowerShell, Command Prompt, and Azure CloudShell, amongst…

Mic Check

9 Ways to Fix Zoom Microphone Not Working Issue on a Windows PC

The others can’t hear you out? These fixes should help! Unless, they don’t want to…

Windows Powershell

How to Open Windows Powershell as an Admin on Windows 11

Here are nine methods that’ll do the trick!

Computer Error

How to Fix Kernel Security Check Failure BSOD in Windows 11

Microsoft has replaced the blue background in BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) errors with a black background in keeping up…

Command Prompt

How to Open Windows Terminal as Admin on Windows 11

7 ways to launch Windows Terminal with administrative privileges on a Windows 11 PC.

Computer Update Error

How to Fix ‘Error Encountered’ Issue in a Windows 11 Update

Your Windows 11 PC may show an “Error encountered” message in the Windows Update settings when it fails to install an update. Here’s everything you need to fix it.

Mobile Wifi Connectivity

How to Fix Incorrect WiFi Password Error on iPhone

Everything you need to know to fix Wi-Fi password issues on iPhone.

Video Player

How to Install HEVC Codecs in Windows 11

Purchase and install HEVC codecs to play HEVC videos or go with the cost-free alternative, i.e., VLC media player.

Computer Wifi Connectivity

13 Ways to Fix Windows 11 WiFi Not Working Issue

Unable to connect to a Wi-Fi network or access the internet on your PC? Here’s everything you need to know to fix the problem.


10 Ways to Fix Webcam Not Working on a Windows 11 PC

Webcam issues are common and the fixes are generally simple and quick. Here is everything you need to get your webcam working in no time.

Hard Disk

How to Open Disk Management in Windows 11

All the ways you can access Disk Management, a built-in utility to manage the internal and external hard drives, on Windows 11.

Ethernet Icon

How to Fix Windows 11 Ethernet Driver Issues

7 simple and highly effective fixes to resolve issues with the Ethernet driver on a Windows 11 PC.

Computer Speed Icon

15 Ways to Fix when Windows 11 Computer is Running Slow

As dreading as it may sound, we all encounter sluggish system performance. Here are some tips and tricks to boost performance and speed of your Windows 11 PC.

Computer Specs

How to Find Computer Specs from Windows 11

Get an overview or detailed specs of your Windows 11 PC using these built-in tools.

File refresh

How to Refresh Folder Items in Windows 11

With the ‘Refresh’ option in context menu missing, here’s how you can refresh items in File Explorer on Windows 11.

Wifi Adapter

How to Install or Update Windows 11 WiFi Driver

Learn all the ways you can install or update the Wi-Fi driver for the effective functioning of the Wi-Fi adapter on Windows 11 PC.

Bluetooth Logo

9 Ways to Fix when Windows 11 Bluetooth is Not Working

Bluetooth not working on a Windows 11 PC? Here’s a list of the most effective fixes that would get the Bluetooth up and running.


How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 11 Calculator App

Conveniently use the Windows 11 calculator app independent of the system theme with new app-specific Light and Dark theme setting options.

Fix problem

How to Fix “WiFi Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration” Error on Windows 11

Quick and effective fixes to resolve the “WiFi Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration” error on Windows 11.