Write for allthings.how

At allthings.how, we publish quality tips and tricks for all things tech. While our primary focus is on Apple products, we also actively publish How-To guides for other operating systems and web services.

If an opportunity to write about iPhone and other Apple devices interests you, we welcome you to apply for a writer’s job at allthings.how where you’ll be writing tips, tricks, and tutorials for iOS, iPhone, Mac, and other Apple devices.

It is a full-time job (8 hours a day, Sunday off), and you’ve got the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world. You can even set work timings as per your comfort.

How to Apply

To apply for a writer’s position at allthings.how, please send us an email with the following things:

  • Your Full Name, Age, and the City/Country you live in currently.
  • Previous work experience (if any).
  • How long have you been using an iPhone, and which iPhone model do you currently use?
  • Two sample articles that you see as fitting for our site. These articles should be about iPhone and iOS related topics only.

E-mail address: shivam[at]allthings.how

How much do we pay?

Your pay depends on your writing skills and the time you take to write an article. We expect our writers to publish at least 8-10 articles every day. And these articles have to be at least 250 words long.

The initial pay will be $500 per month. We’ll evaluate your performance for 30 days, and if you write articles which are ready to publish and don’t require an Editors input, we’ll be open to discussing a higher pay scale.