Apple Watch


How to Change Text Size on Apple Watch

Quickly change the font size on your Apple Watch and improve the readability of information you receive on it.

Apple Watch

How to Reset Apple Watch

Quickly reset your Apple Watch using the paired iPhone or from the watch itself and erase all content and settings when giving it away or shifting ownership.

How to Locate your iPhone via Apple Watch

Unable to find your iPhone in your room? Quickly ping it using your Apple Watch and save yourself the hassle of looking in every nook and corner.

Apple watch & iPhone

How to Click Pictures from your iPhone using your Apple Watch

Wish to take a picture from afar or a perfect selfie without the shake? Use your Apple Watch to click that perfect picture on your iPhone.

Apple Watch Storage

How to Change Wrist Orientation on Apple Watch

Wish to change the wrist orientation of your Apple Watch, but don’t want to go through the setup process? Follow these simple steps to change it on the fly.

Apple Watch Design

How to Turn On/Off Background App Refresh on Apple Watch

A quick guide to turn off background app refresh on Apple Watch and save precious battery life on your wearable.

Apple Watch

How to Use Walkie-Talkie on Your Apple Watch

Use your Apple Watch as a Walkie-Talkie and announce messages, find lost buddies in a mall, or call a house member downstairs for dinner.

Apple Watch Storage

How to Check Storage Space on Apple Watch

A simple guide to checking the storage space of your Apple Watch either from the Watch app on iPhone or via Settings on the watch itself.

Apple Watch Design

How to Change Screen Awake Duration on Apple Watch

Reduce or increase the screen wake duration of your Apple Watch according to your preference right from your Apple Watch or from the Watch app on your iPhone.

Memoji Apple Watch Face

How to Make your Memoji an Apple Watch Face

Love your Memoji? Make it your Apple Watch face and wear it on your wrist.

Apple Watch

How to Take a Screenshot on Apple Watch

A simple step-by-step guide to enable the screenshot functionality and take screenshots on your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Face

How to Make a Picture on Your iPhone an Apple Watch Face

Quickly set a picture in your iPhone’s gallery as an Apple Watch face.

Apple Watch

How to use your Apple Watch Handsfree

A step-by-step guide to enable Assistive Touch on your Apple Watch and use it completely hands-free if and when needed.

Turning Off Always On Display on Apple Watch

How to Turn Off “Always On Display” on Apple Watch

Apple is finally bringing support for “Always On Display” to the Apple Watch lineup with the launch of Series 5…

How Apple Watch 5 “Always on Display” Works

The fifth generation of Apple Watch is finally shipping with a feature that users have been wanting ever since the…

How to use Animoji stickers in Messages on Apple Watch

The watchOS 6 update will be rolling out alongside iOS 13 later this week and it’ll bring many new features…