How to Enable Text Message Forwarding From Your iPhone to Your Mac or iPad

Send and receive text messages from any of your Apple devices.

Camera Photo Save

How to Fix FaceTime Live Photos Not Saving Issue on iPhone and iPad

Not able to save Live Photos from FaceTime? Check out these 6 easy-to-follow methods to resolve the issue quickly.


How to Take a Quick Note on iPad

Quickly save any important information on your screen with the new Quick Note feature in iPadOS 15.

Multiple images

How to Save Multiple Photos from a Webpage in Safari at One Go on your iPhone

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How to Set Up Parental Controls on iPhone and iPad

Be at ease about your kids using the devices with these strict Parental Controls in place.

Record screen iPad

How to Record Screen on iPad

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iPhone App Icons

How to Change App Icons in iOS 14 on iPhone and iPad

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iOS 14 iPhone App Library

Where is App Library in iOS 14 on iPhone and How to Open It

Home screen organization finally comes to iPhone after 14 years with iOS 14


How to Enable ‘Mirror Front Camera’ Setting on iPhone in iOS 14

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Install Fortnite Purchase History iPhone

How to Install (reinstall) Fortnite on iPhone and iPad from your Purchase History on App Store

Apple might’ve banned the game, but there’s still some hope

Video Call Mobile

How to Go Pause on FaceTime in iOS 14 on iPhone and iPad

It has something to do with the new Picture-in-Picture mode in iOS 14

Voice Memos iPhone app

How to Organize your Voice Memos Recordings in Folders on iPhone

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Voice Memos iPhone

How to Remove Background Noise from Recordings on iPhone in the Voice Memos app

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Task List and Reminder

How to Set Reminders for Specific People and Tasks in Shared Lists on iPhone

Assign tasks to people so everyone can know what they are responsible for

How to Move Multiple Apps in One Go on iPhone

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Calendar Reminder

How to Edit Multiple Reminders at Once on iPhone

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How to Show Only Wallpaper on iPhone by Removing Home Screen Pages and App Icons in iOS 14

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How to Stack Multiple Widgets Together on iPhone Home Screen in iOS 14

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App Privacy Tracking iPhone

How to Completely Disable Apps from Tracking You on iPhone with iOS 14’s new ‘App Privacy’ features

No more freaking out by those specially curated ads following you everywhere you go!

iOS 14

iOS 14 Public Beta Release Date and How to Get It

The public beta for iOS should be out by early July

How to Set a Group Photo in Messages on iPhone

Time to bring out that embarrassing photo of your friend you’ve been saving and make it the group chat icon in iMessages!

Pin Message

How to Pin a conversation in Messages on iPhone

Stay on top of your messages by pinning the important contacts

iOS 14 iPhone App Library

How to Add New Apps Directly to App Library on iPhone

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How to Enable Full Screen Calls on iPhone after iOS 14 Update

Don’t like the new banner display style for calls? Here’s how to change it