How to Set Up Parental Controls on iPhone and iPad

Be at ease about your kids using the devices with these strict Parental Controls in place.

Alarm Clock

How to Quickly Set a Timer on your iPhone

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iPhone Privacy

How to Lock Your iPhone to a Single App Using Guided Access

Safely hand your iPhone to kids or people you’ve trust issues with using the Guided Access feature

Siri iOS 14

How to Change Siri Voice on iPhone

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Data Tracking

How to Disable an App from Tracking your Data on iPhone

Disable data-hungry apps from collecting your activity on your iPhone by disallowing tracking for selected or all apps.

How to Speed Up a Video on iPhone

Speed things up in video using your iPhone.

How to Disable Camera on iPhone and Remove the App from Home Screen and Lock Screen

Camera quality and clarity are two of the factors that Apple pays minute attention to. The picture quality of one…

Mobile QR Code Scanner

How to Disable QR Code Scanner in iPhone Camera

The QR code scanner is built-in in your camera app and is enabled by default. For most users, it enhances…

Auto Rotate Screen

How to Force Rotate Your iPhone or iPad Screen Without Tilting

Learn how to easily rotate the screen using ‘AssistiveTouch’ without tilting your iPhone or iPad.

Secret Chat

How to Secretly Chat with Someone on iPhone

Use the ‘Notes’ app on your iPhone to have a secret chat without the fear of someone finding out.


How to Add Google Widget on iPhone and Android

Add this widget to make your Google searches more efficient.

Card thief

How to Remotely Remove your Apple Pay Information in Case your iPhone is Lost

Learn how to remotely remove stored cards on Apple Pay to prevent a financial fraud when your iPhone is lost or stolen.

iPhone Sound

How to Make your iPhone Speakers 3x Louder with This EQ Trick

Ever wanted to play loud music on your iPhone but the speaker’s sort of letting you down? We have all…

Message Contact Name

Why Do iMessages Turn Green

A straightforward answer to this age-old question

iPhone Camera Sound

How to Turn Off Flash on your iPhone Camera

Click amazing pictures in ambient light with flash turned off

Wifi Password

How to Share Your Wi-Fi Password with iPhone Users without Revealing your Password

Easily share your Wi-Fi password with anyone without revealing the password with these simple tricks on your iPhone.

Magnify screenshots iPhone

How to Put a Magnifying Glass over your Screenshots on iPhone

Use the ‘Magnifier’ Markup tool to easily magnify a specific part in a screenshot on your iPhone.

iPhone Camera Sound

How to Turn Off Camera Sound on iPhone

Easily turn off the shutter sound on your iPhone with these simple tricks.

Apple iPhone

How to Check an iPhone Model Number to Verify If It’s a Retail Unit, or a Refurbished or Replacement Unit

Easily find if an iPhone is new, replaced, refurbished or personalized with this simple trick.

Image Frame

How to Unblur an Image

Don’t let little blurriness ruin a good photo.

Can You Color Your Battery on iPhone? Here’s Everything you need to know

The answers you are looking for when it comes to customizing your battery icon.