Delete Reminder

How to Delete Reminders on iPhone

Create a shortcut to automatically delete all your completed Reminders or head to the Reminders app to manually delete a list or item.

Message Error

How to Deregister Phone Number from iMessage

You need to do this when you shift from an iPhone to an Android device.

Dart Game

How to Play Darts on iMessage

Play a game of darts on iMessage with your near and dear ones virtually.

Record Video Call

How to Record FaceTime with Audio

Easily record a FaceTime call with audio on your iPhone and Mac with this easy tutorial.

Gmail App

How to Set Gmail as Default Mail App on iPhone or iPad

You can now change the default Mail app on your iPhone and iPad.

Mobile Game

How to Play Filler on iMessage

Play Filler on iMessage with your friends and kill boredom with fun.


How to Play Reversi on iMessage

Play Reversi on iMessage with your friends on iPhone and have fun while thinking strategically and logically.


How to Set a Song on Spotify as Ringtone on your iPhone

Bored with pre-loaded ringtones for your iPhone? Now set your favourite song from Spotify as a ringtone on your iPhone with just a few taps.

Phone Silent

How to Share Focus Status on iPhone

Share Focus status in iMessage to let others know that you are preoccupied at the moment and will get back later when the time permits.

Cancel Music Subscription

How to Cancel Apple Music Voice Plan Subscription

You can cancel the Apple Music Voice plan from either the Music app on your iPhone or via your Apple ID account settings.


How to Use Apple Music Voice Plan

A complete guide on making the best of the Apple Music Voice Plan.

Blocked Contact

How to Find Blocked Numbers on iPhone

Quickly find the list of all blocked contacts or numbers in Phone, Messages, and FaceTime on your iPhone.

Bold Text Style

How to Bold Text in iMessage

iMessage has a hidden trick to send a text with bold text.

iMessage Firework

How to Send Fireworks in iMessage

Learn to send fireworks in iMessage and make your messages feel more expressive than ever!

iPhone Storage Space

How to Delete Other Storage on iPhone

All the ways to manage or get rid of Other storage that’s hogging storage space on your iPhone.

Phone Wifi

How to Enable Low Data Mode for a WiFi Network on iPhone

Turn on Low Data Mode for WiFi on your iPhone and save precious data if you are connected to a metered connection.

Apple Music

How to Follow, Unfollow or Remove Followers in Apple Music on iPhone

Make listening to music much more inclusive with friends on your iPhone.

Flight Tracker

How to Use Flight Tracker in iMessage

This in-built flight tracker in iPhone will change the way you track your flights forever!

Text Message

How to Change from Text Message to iMessage

Don’t fret if your iMessage is stuck on text messages, try these fixes!

Location Sharing

How to Stop Sharing Location on iPhone

Whether you want to stop sharing your location with apps or friends, this guide will help you through it all.

Chat thread

How to Text Yourself in iMessage on iPhone

Save your grocery lists or any information you want in a chat thread with yourself.


How to Send Confetti in iMessage

Show your love with showers of confetti and never send boring wishes in iMessage ever again!

Mute Messages

How to Turn Off iMessage for One Person

Unfortunately, you cannot turn off iMessage for one person but you can do other things instead.