Microsoft Edge

How to Install Microsoft Edge for Mac and iPhone

Install Microsoft Edge using this easy to follow guide on your iOS and/or macOS devices.

Google Chrome

How to Reinstall Google Chrome

Steps to perform a clean reinstall of the browser to eradicate any issues you are facing on your Windows or macOS devices.


How to Manually Refresh iMessage on Mac When it is Not Syncing

Two simple methods to manually refresh iMessage on your macOS device when it is not syncing properly with your other Apple devices.


How to Change Siri Voice or Accent

Change Siri’s voice and accent according to your preference on your iPhone or Mac, if the default preset does not tickle your pickle.

Delete Chrome Mac

How to Uninstall Google Chrome on Mac

A simple, step-by-step guide to uninstall Google Chrome and its support files completely from your macOS device.

Microsoft Edge

How to Make Microsoft Edge Your Default Browser on Windows and Mac

Browser is a very essential utility, it helps you surf the net, login to your mail client, and even use…

Web Browser Data

How to Import Data from Safari to Microsoft Edge on Mac

Import bookmarks and browsing history to Microsoft Edge from Safari by using either Edge import manager or manually import an HTML file.

Screen Record Mac

How to Use OBS Studio on Mac to Record Screen

Record your MacBook screen in a few simple steps using the OBS Studio.

Content Cache

How to Enable and Use Content Caching on Mac

Upgrade your Apple devices faster without using additional cellular data or bandwidth with the help of Content Caching on your MacBook.

Record Video Call

How to Record FaceTime with Audio

Easily record a FaceTime call with audio on your iPhone and Mac with this easy tutorial.


How to Crop and Edit a Screenshot on Mac

Click, crop, and edit a screenshot quickly on your MacBook using the Preview app.

Computer User

How to Turn Off and Sign Out of Mac

All the ways to properly turn off your Macbook, Log out the current user, and Sign out of your Apple ID on your Mac.

Mac iMessage

How to Turn Off iMessage Notifications on Mac

Easy ways to turn off or manage iMessage notifications on your Mac so you can work better and bump up your productivity.

Mac running Windows 11

How to Run Windows 11 on Mac (M1 and Intel)

Boot Camp not supporting Windows 11 installation? Learn how to run Windows 11 on your Intel or M1 Mac and enjoy the latest Windows builds on your Mac.

Mute Messages

How to Mute iMessage on Mac

Annoyed by the constant chimes of iMessages coming in? Learn how to mute iMessage on your Mac and work in peace.

Notification Icon

How to Turn Off iMessage on Mac

Not able to get work done because of constant message notifications? Quickly turn off iMessage on your Mac to keep your productivity mode going.

USB Drive Icon

How to Create a Bootable Windows 11 USB Drive from Mac

Can’t copy ‘install.wim’ on a FAT32 USB due to its large size? Create a bootable Windows 11 USB drive from your Mac without worrying about file size ever!


What is iCloud+?

Get enhanced privacy along with the expanded storage when you become a paid subscriber of iCloud+.

Web security

What is Private Relay in iCloud+ and How to Enable or Disable it on your iPhone or Mac

Browse the web with utmost privacy in the industry using Apple’s Private Relay feature in iCloud+ for safer browser.

Browser tabs

How to Use Tab Groups in Safari on iPhone and Mac

Always have a bazillion of tabs open? Learn how to create a Tab Group in Safari to manage tabs efficiently and declutter your research work.

Mac computer

How to Fix ‘Application menu bar not responding’ Problem on Mac M1

The application menu bar located on the top section of the screen is definitely one of the most crucial components…


How to Enable or Disable Location Service for Apps on Mac

Don’t know how to enable location access for an app on your Mac? Not able to find your Mac on Find My services? All your questions would be answered here!

Mac computer

How to Automatically Launch and Close an App on Mac at Scheduled Times

Want to automatically launch and shut down your media server at a specific time on your Mac? Well, learn how to set a schedule for apps to automatically launch and close at specific times.


How to View, Manage, or Remove a Safari Extension

Safari extension showing up in Launchpad? Cannot get the old extension file working? Well, we have all the answers for you!