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Video Call Conferencing Laptop

How to Blur Background in Google Meet

No need to worry your pretty little head about your surroundings in Google Meet meetings anymore!

Google Meet Tile View

How to Enable Tiled/Gallery View in Google Meet to See Everyone (up to 49 participants)

No more Chrome extensions to see everyone’s faces

Search History

How to Clear Google Search History on Computer

Remove your Google searches from the address bar search suggestions in your web browser

Mirror on Google Meet

How to Mirror on Google Meet

Here’s how you can mirror, or rather un-mirror, your video on Google Meet

Google Meet Flip Camera

How to Flip Camera on Google Meet

See the unmirrored image of yourself like everyone else in the meeting

Freeze Instagram and Facebook

How to Freeze Instagram and Facebook Accounts

Freeze your social media accounts, even if it’s for a day, and take the break you deserve

Uninstall Microsoft Teams

How to Uninstall Microsoft Teams and Stop it from Reinstalling

Permanently remove Microsoft Teams from your Windows PC

Chrome Privacy Issues

How to Stop Chrome Extensions from Reading and Changing Your Data on The Web

Browser extensions are convenient and useful, but they are dangerously close to violating your privacy as well

Password and Key

How to Set Up Zoom Two-Factor Authentication Required by Your Organization

Secure your Zoom account with randomly generated one-time passwords

User Password Security Key

How to Disable or Reset Zoom Two-Factor Authentication for a User

Lost the two-factor authentication app you used to setup Zoom 2FA? Ask your organization admin to reset it

Zoom 2FA

How to Enable Zoom 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)

Secure your Zoom account with an additional layer of security

Snap Camera Chrome

How to Use Snap Camera in Chrome

Use the Snap Camera video filters in any web app in Chrome

Chrome Omnibox Search

How to Disable Images in Search Suggestions in Chrome Address Bar

It’s too distracting and annoying at work

Securing Website Passwords

How to Delete All Passwords Saved in Chrome and your Google Account

Everything you need to know about deleting and managing saved passwords in Chrome

Video Meeting Recording

How to Record a GoToMeeting and View or Share It with Participants

Everything you need to know about recording a meeting in GoToMeeting

Video Call Google Meet

How to Use ‘Filters for Google Meet’ Extension in Chrome

The easiest way to use filters in Google Meet

Mute Tab

How to Mute a Google Meet Tab in Chrome using Tab Muter Extension

Mute Google Meet sessions in Chrome using this extension

Computer Screen

Can Teachers See Your Screen on Google Meet?

To keep it short, they cannot. Unless you share it with them

Browser Tabs

Use Clozoom to Automatically Close Zoom Meeting Invite Tabs in Chrome

Keep those Zoom meeting invite tabs in check with this Chrome extension

How to Freeze your Screen/Camera on Google Meet

Freeze your screen to do whatever you want behind the scenes!

Video Conferencing

What is BigBlueButton and How Do you Use It

Learn about this great, open-source alternative to SaaS video-conferencing apps