How to Turn Off iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

The iPhone XS and XS Max work a lot differently than the iPhone models with a home button. If you’re upgrading from an iPhone 8 or an earlier model, you might not be able to figure out how to turn off the iPhone XS and XS Max.

There are three ways two turn off iPhone XS. While the first method lets you turn off your iPhone XS from Settings, the other two methods involve pressing a combination of Volume keys and the Side button.

  • Turn Off iPhone XS from Settings

    Go to Settings » tap General, scroll down to bottom and tap Shut Down. You’ll get the slide to power off screen. Slide the power icon all the way to the left turn off your iPhone XS or XS Max.

  • Use Emergency SOS screen

    Press and hold the Volume Down and Side button together for a couple of seconds, and release when you see the Emergency SOS screen. On the top of the screen, the slide to power off slider will let you turn off your iPhone.

  • Press Volume Up, Volume Down, and hold Side button

    This is actually the proper way to turn off your iPhone, but it takes a lot of clicks. First, you’ve to press and release the Volume Up key, then press and release the Volume Down key, and then finally press and hold the Side button to get the slide to power off screen.

We prefer the second method to turn off our iPhone XS. Which do you prefer?