AIMatter’s Fabby apps are now listed under Google’s name on the App Store

Last year Google acquired AIMatter, a startup company which developed a neural network-based AI to quickly process images on mobile devices. The company also had a few apps on the App Store under the brand “Fabby” which let users change hair color and edit photos using advanced algorithms that it developed.

After a year and a half, AIMatter’s “Fabby Look — Hair Color Editor” and “Fabby — Photo & Video Editor” apps on the App Store are now listed under Google LLC’s name. Although, for Android devices, the Fabby apps are still listed under AIMatter’s name on the Play Store.

It does seem weird to see a hair color editor app on the App Store that is developed/maintained by Google, but the app is excellent. You can take a selfie of yourself and try changing the color of your hair in a very realistic way using the 
“Fabby Look — Hair Color Editor” app.

Both the Fabby apps are available to download for free on the App Store.