Full Screen on Computer

How to Change Screen Resolution on a Windows 11 PC

Change the screen resolution on your Windows 11 PC to best fit your viewing experience.

iPhone Storage Space

How to Delete Other Storage on iPhone

All the ways to manage or get rid of Other storage that’s hogging storage space on your iPhone.

Automatic Update Computer

How to Stop Automatic Updates in Windows 11

Everything you need to know to disable automatic updates on Windows 11 temporarily or permanently.


How to Use Whatsapp Web Without your Phone Being Connected to the Internet

Use WhatsApp Web on your computer or laptop without having your phone connected to the internet with the new multi-device support on the messaging platform.

Run Command

Windows 11 Run Commands List

The ultimate list of Run commands that you can use in Windows 11 to access different Windows settings, tools, and apps.


What is Spotify Wrapped 2021 and How to Find Your Top Songs 2021 Playlist

Spotify lines up an entire show for you, the star of your 2021.

Computer Setup

How to Enable or Disable Automatic Sign-in After Update on Windows 11

Easily let Windows finish setting up an update by enabling the automatic sign-in feature in Windows 11 settings.

Computer Network

How to See Other Computers on Network in Windows 11

Access and share files with other computers connected to the same network as yours.

Color Blindness

How to Use Color-Blind Filters on Canva

Canva’s integrated app Adee, helps apply color-blind filters with it’s feature, the Vision Simulator

Phone Wifi

How to Enable Low Data Mode for a WiFi Network on iPhone

Turn on Low Data Mode for WiFi on your iPhone and save precious data if you are connected to a metered connection.

Apple Music

How to Follow, Unfollow or Remove Followers in Apple Music on iPhone

Make listening to music much more inclusive with friends on your iPhone.


How to Report Someone on Discord

Keep Discord communities free of troublesome users or misleading information by reporting misbehaving users on the platform.

File Delete Confirmation

How to Enable Delete File Confirmation Dialog in Windows 11

Avoid accidentally deleting a file on your PC by enabling the file delete confirmation dialog in Windows 11.

Picture in Picture Mode

How to Enable Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Mode for Videos in Windows 11

Play videos in an overlay window over any screen on your Windows 11 PC with Picture-in-Picture mode.

Music Lyrics

How to Use Real-Time Lyrics on Spotify

Sing along with real-time lyrics, view full lyrics, and share your favorite lyrics on mobile devices

Linux PC

How to Install Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 11

Run Linux Kernels without flushing Windows with Windows Subsystem for Linux on your Windows 11 PC.

Crossfade Music

How to Crossfade Songs in Spotify

Set your music to crossfade and enjoy smooth transitions between tracks

Remote Computers

How to Enable Wake on LAN in Windows 11

Start your computer remotely from a mobile device.

Resize Design

How to Resize a Design in Canva

Resize your designs to fit any dimension on Canva now!

Color Filter

How to Enable and Use Color Filters on Windows 11

Use Window’s built-in color filters to help color blindness

Flight Tracker

How to Use Flight Tracker in iMessage

This in-built flight tracker in iPhone will change the way you track your flights forever!

Android App APK Computer

How to Sideload Android Apps (APK) in Windows 11

Sideload Android app APK on your Windows 11 PC using the SDK Platform Tools and enjoy apps and games not available through the Amazon App Store.

Text Message

How to Change from Text Message to iMessage

Don’t fret if your iMessage is stuck on text messages, try these fixes!

Location Sharing

How to Stop Sharing Location on iPhone

Whether you want to stop sharing your location with apps or friends, this guide will help you through it all.

Computer Update

How to Fix a Stuck Windows 11 Update

A Windows Update can fail or get stuck for many reasons on your Windows 11 PC. Here are some quick and easy ways to resolve the problem.

Computer OS Update and Install

How to Stop Windows 11 Update from Installing on your Windows 10 PC

Everything you need to know to block the Windows 11 update on your PC.

Sticky Note

How to Minimize or Hide Sticky Notes in Windows 11

Easy ways to hide those sticky notes from the desktop without closing them.