Computer Video Player

FIX: Video Lagging or Stuttering Issues on Windows 10

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Video DRM Protection

How to Update WideVine Content Decryption Module Component in Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera

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Chat thread mobile

How to Make iMessage Dark Blue

Transform the look of your iMessages completely with this hack.

Merge Files

How to Merge Two PDF Files

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Scan text

How to Copy Text from an Image in Google Photos

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How to Mark iMessage as Unread

You cannot mark messages as unread in the Messages app on iPhone. But you can do this instead.

Computer desktop wallpaper

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Edit Recording

How to Edit a Zoom Recording

Edit out the awkward or unnecessary parts from your meeting recordings for the sake of everyone involved.

Reverse video player

How to Reverse a Video on Windows 10

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Microsoft Tasks Planner

How to Change Background or Theme in Microsoft Planner (Tasks) on the Web

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BSOD Blue Screen of Death Error

FIX: WDF_VIOLATION Error on Windows 10

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How to Insert a Header on First Page Only in Microsoft Word

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Windows Error

FIX: Windows cannot find Bin64\InstallManagerApp.exe Error

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How to Get Ringtones on iPhone

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Emoji keyboard

FIX: Windows 10 Emoji Panel Not Working in Any App

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Person on call

How to Find if a Speaker is on Call on Clubhouse

Clubhouse has taken social media enthusiasts by storm ever since it was launched. The audio-only chat app, allows users to…

Computer error fix

FIX: BCM20702A0 Driver Error on Windows 10

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How to Disable Notifications on iPhone Lock Screen

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Browser tabs

How to Sync Tabs Between All Your Devices using Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

Sync open tabs in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox across all your devices to seamlessly switch and resume from one device to another.


How to Set Up Parental Controls on iPhone and iPad

Be at ease about your kids using the devices with these strict Parental Controls in place.

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What is SmartBlock in Firefox and How to Use It

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Browser tabs

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How to Use Measurement Converter in Microsoft Office

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How to Enable and View Videos in Picture in Picture on Edge Browser

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Alarm Clock

How to Quickly Set a Timer on your iPhone

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