Sell NFT

How to Sell NFTs on OpenSea

A complete guide to create and sell your first NFT on OpenSea – the most accessible NFT market out there.

Twitch Logo

How to Earn and Use Channel Points on Twitch

Maximize your channel points with these methods and use them in the best way possible!

NFT Art Display

How to Display NFT Art

Proudly display your NFT art using these methods.

WhatsApp View Once

How to Use View Once Feature in WhatsApp

Send quickly disappearing media that can be viewed only once!


How to Enable/Disable Dark Mode on Twitch

Enjoy dark mode/theme on your Twitch mobile and desktop applications in seconds!

Excel Sheet

How to Clear Formatting in Excel

Remove formatting from specific cells, blank cells, or the entire worksheet in Excel with this guide.

Screen Record Mac

How to Use OBS Studio on Mac to Record Screen

Record your MacBook screen in a few simple steps using the OBS Studio.

Word Game

How to Play Wordle Game

Join the biggest trend and trust us (and million others), you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Close Laptop Lid

How to Close Laptop and Still Use Monitor on Windows 11

Laptop goes to sleep every time you close the lid whilst connected to an external monitor? Change what closing the lid does and enjoy the bigger screen hassle-free.

Twitch App Computer

How to Stop Twitch From Opening at Startup on a Windows PC

Quickly and effectively prevent Twitch from auto-launching in 4 ways.

Popup Window

How to Stop Pop Ups in Google Chrome

Experiencing a sea of pop-ups lately when browsing the web? Make sure they are blocked in Chrome to ensure you face the least possible amount of them.

Twitch Logo

How to Disable Clip Creation on Twitch

Protect your streams against unauthorized clip creation.

Multiple Inbox

How to Have Multiple Inboxes on Gmail

Bring a max of 5 most important sections of your inbox to the same screen!

Taskbar Backup and Restore

How to Backup and Restore Pinned Items on Taskbar in Windows 11

Easily backup and restore pinned items on your taskbar with this helpful guide.

iPhone Alarm

How to Change Alarm Sound on iPhone

Change Alarm sound on your iPhone and wake up with your favorite tunes.

Twitch Chat

How to Enable Followers-Only Chat on Twitch

Make your chat space healthy and safe with improved security measures.

Crazy 8 Game

How to Play Crazy 8 on iMessage

Play a game of Crazy 8 with your near and dear ones over iMessage.

Desktop App Icons

How to Add Apps to Desktop in Windows 11

Everything you need to know about adding apps or app shortcuts to the desktop in Windows 11 for easy access.

Twitter Record

How to Record Twitter Spaces

Record your Twitter Space and share it up to 30 days with everyone.


How to Enable or Disable Woke Inclusiveness in Microsoft Word Editor Settings

Make your work more inclusive using this “woke” feature from Microsoft Word.

Microsoft To do

How to Use Microsoft To Do on Windows 11

Set up and use the Microsoft To Do app to efficiently manage your tasks.

Spotify Pin

How to Pin Items on Spotify

Pin your favorites on your Spotify library and never spend another moment hunting for them.


How to Turn Off or Silence iMessage Notifications on iPhone

Easily silence iMessage notifications if they’re bothering you.

Content Cache

How to Enable and Use Content Caching on Mac

Upgrade your Apple devices faster without using additional cellular data or bandwidth with the help of Content Caching on your MacBook.

Delete Reminder

How to Delete Reminders on iPhone

Create a shortcut to automatically delete all your completed Reminders or head to the Reminders app to manually delete a list or item.

Message Error

How to Deregister Phone Number from iMessage

You need to do this when you shift from an iPhone to an Android device.

Microsoft Teams Chat

How to Remove Teams Chat from Windows 11

Get rid of Chat integration from Microsoft Teams in Windows 11 easily.

Dart Game

How to Play Darts on iMessage

Play a game of darts on iMessage with your near and dear ones virtually.

Record Video Call

How to Record FaceTime with Audio

Easily record a FaceTime call with audio on your iPhone and Mac with this easy tutorial.