Clubhouse invite

Clubhouse Invites Guide: Everything you need to know

Understand how Clubhouse Invites work before you send invites to any of your contacts.

iPhone Notification

How to Change Notification Settings on Clubhouse

Clubhouse sending too many notifications on your phone? Here’s everything you need to know about notification settings for the app.

Mute mic

How to Mute Someone in a Clubhouse Room

If a speaker is acting disorderly, not maintaining the decorum, or accidentally risking their privacy, the moderator can simply mute the person.

Speak on stage

How to Speak in a Clubhouse Room

Want to share valuable insights on a topic in a Clubhouse room? You can use the ‘✋ Raise hand’ button on the screen to make a request to speak in the room.

Remove person

How to Remove Someone from Speaker’s Stage in a Clubhouse Room

If you are a moderator, you must know how to remove someone from stage in a room on Clubhouse to maintain decorum and keep healthy conversation.

Moderator host

How to Make Someone a Speaker in a Room on Clubhouse

As a moderator of a Clubhouse room, you can make other people a speaker by either accepting their request to speak or by inviting them to speak.

Report and complain

How Does Reporting on Clubhouse Work

Reporting on Clubhouse helps keep unwanted elements off the platform and everyone should be aware of the basics.


How to Find Who is Speaking on Clubhouse

Unable the find the speaker on Clubhouse? You can easily identify them by looking for the greyish outline around their profile photo in a room.


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VLOOKUP function in Excel looks for a value in a range of cells, then it returns a value that’s in the same row as the value you’re looking for.

Moderator host

How To Be a Good Moderator on Clubhouse

The role of a moderator in a room on Clubhouse can be very tricky and you must know how to be a good moderator.

How do Clubhouse Rooms Work

Clubhouse is all about interacting, learning, and sharing ideas. To interact with others, you have to create a room or…

Meet people

How Do I Meet People on Clubhouse

If you are new to Clubhouse, meet people, make both personal and professional connections and learn from experts in different fields.


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Page number

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Clubhouse Etiquette: Everything you need to know

Clubhouse is all about interaction with people from different walks of life. You can join one of the rooms going…


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Learn how to use Excel’s AutoFit feature to automatically adjusts the column width or row height in a worksheet.

Delete user account

How to Delete your Clubhouse Account

As of now, it isn’t possible to delete your Clubhouse account yourself. You need to contact Clubhouse support as instructed below and then sit back while they do the remaining part.

Pie Chart

How to Make a Pie Chart in Excel

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Split Cells

How to Split Cells in Excel

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How to Make a Histogram in Excel

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User Password Security Key

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Excel sheet

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