Google Chrome Browser

How to Name a Window in Chrome on any OS

Name multiple windows to easily navigate them.

Google Docs

FIX: Google Docs Cursor Stuck at Start of Line

A simple fix for this pesky issue.


How to Add Google Widget on iPhone and Android

Add this widget to make your Google searches more efficient.

Sort alphabetically in Excel

How to Alphabetize in Excel

This guide will show you how to alphabetize in Excel using the Sort and Filter feature, and formulas to arrange and format the data in order.

Card thief

How to Remotely Remove your Apple Pay Information in Case your iPhone is Lost

Learn how to remotely remove stored cards on Apple Pay to prevent a financial fraud when your iPhone is lost or stolen.

iPhone Sound

How to Make your iPhone Speakers 3x Louder with This EQ Trick

Ever wanted to play loud music on your iPhone but the speaker’s sort of letting you down? We have all…

Message Contact Name

Why Do iMessages Turn Green

A straightforward answer to this age-old question

Shake iPhone

How to Undo and Redo on iPhone by Shaking It

Learn how to use the ‘Shake to Undo’ feature on iPhone to make typing more convenient than ever.

iPhone Camera Sound

How to Turn Off Flash on your iPhone Camera

Click amazing pictures in ambient light with flash turned off

Wifi Password

How to Share Your Wi-Fi Password with iPhone Users without Revealing your Password

Easily share your Wi-Fi password with anyone without revealing the password with these simple tricks on your iPhone.

Magnify screenshots iPhone

How to Put a Magnifying Glass over your Screenshots on iPhone

Use the ‘Magnifier’ Markup tool to easily magnify a specific part in a screenshot on your iPhone.

Video Conferencing

How to Use the Around Video Conferencing App

Your guide to getting started with the new-gen video conferencing app, Around.

iPhone Camera Sound

How to Turn Off Camera Sound on iPhone

Easily turn off the shutter sound on your iPhone with these simple tricks.

Password Protected Email

How to Send a Password Protected Email using ProntonMail and Tutanota

Learn to send password-protected emails with ProtonMail and Tutanota, the two best free services that offer password protection for Emails.

Microsoft Excel Logo

How to Unprotect an Excel Sheet or Workbook With or Without Password

Password protection in Microsoft Excel is often used in workplaces to protect important data. Microsoft Excel allows users to protect…

Microsoft Word

How to Download and Save Images from a Word Document

3 quick and simple ways to download and save images from a Word document.

ZIP File

How to Password Protect (Encrypt) a Zip File

Easily password-protect and encrypt zip files using the ‘7-Zip’ program to securely share or save your important files.

Clubhouse Money

How to Send Money on Clubhouse

The wait is finally over! Learn everything about sending payments on Clubhouse right here.

Microsoft Excel Logo

How to Separate Names in Excel

In Excel, it is very easy to split first, middle, and last names that appear in the same column into separate columns by using different ways.

Apple iPhone

How to Check an iPhone Model Number to Verify If It’s a Retail Unit, or a Refurbished or Replacement Unit

Easily find if an iPhone is new, replaced, refurbished or personalized with this simple trick.

Record screen iPad

How to Record Screen on iPad

Easily record any app on your iPad to share it with others.

Microsoft Word

How to Turn Off Track Changes in Word

‘Track changes’ in Microsoft Word allows the user to trace any changes that are made to the article by others….

Image Frame

How to Unblur an Image

Don’t let little blurriness ruin a good photo.

Windows 10

FIX: Clock Watchdog Timeout Error in Windows 10

Imagine you are working on an important project and the computer suddenly crashes with a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)…


How to Convert a Word Document into a PowerPoint Presentation

Easily convert a Word document into a PowerPoint presentation by formatting the document with proper Headings to automatically create separate slides in the presentation.