How to Set Up Parental Controls on iPhone and iPad

Be at ease about your kids using the devices with these strict Parental Controls in place.

Web privacy

What is SmartBlock in Firefox and How to Use It

Don’t give up privacy for a smooth browsing experience with SmartBlock

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How to Sync Tabs Between Chrome, Edge, and Firefox

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How to Use Measurement Converter in Microsoft Office

Measurement Converter is one of the most useful tools available on Microsoft Office. It converts a given measurement into different…

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How to Enable and View Videos in Picture in Picture on Edge Browser

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Alarm Clock

How to Quickly Set a Timer on your iPhone

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Cookies Edge

How to Clear Cookies on Microsoft Edge

Cookies are text files used to track a user’s web activity. Whenever you visit a website, the webserver passes on…


How to Create Live Polls in a Microsoft Teams Meeting

Everything you need to know about creating live polls in scheduled as well as ad-hoc Teams meetings.

iPhone Privacy

How to Lock Your iPhone to a Single App Using Guided Access

Safely hand your iPhone to kids or people you’ve trust issues with using the Guided Access feature


How to Turn Off Animated Emojis and GIFs in Slack

Emojis and GIFs are a fun way of expressing feelings and conveying emotions but they can be both distracting and…

Calendar Events

How to Share Calendar in Outlook

Share your calendar with other people to avoid any scheduling conflicts.

Siri iOS 14

How to Change Siri Voice on iPhone

We have all at some point wanted to change Siri’s voice. The one selected by default sounded like a female…

Data Tracking

How to Disable an App from Tracking your Data on iPhone

Disable data-hungry apps from collecting your activity on your iPhone by disallowing tracking for selected or all apps.

Sign Document

How to Electronically Sign a PDF File

There’s no need to take print and sign and scan signed documents anymore. Just e-sign it.

How to Speed Up a Video on iPhone

Speed things up in video using your iPhone.

Redact document

How to Reset Google Docs to Default Settings

Google Docs allows you to experiment with various styles and formats and chances are you often end up getting confused…

Microsoft Excel Logo

What does Clicking and Dragging the Fill Handle in Excel do?

The fill handle copies the same values, formulas, or fills a series of dates, texts, numbers, and other data to a desired number of cells.

Around Video Calling

How to Enable and Use Immersive View in Zoom

Make meetings lively and engaging with the immersive view

Google Chrome Browser

How to Disable Chrome Profile Selector on Startup

In the latest version of Chrome, there’s a new Chrome Profile picker/manager screen that pops-up when you launch the browser….

How to Disable Camera on iPhone and Remove the App from Home Screen and Lock Screen

Camera quality and clarity are two of the factors that Apple pays minute attention to. The picture quality of one…

Mobile QR Code Scanner

How to Disable QR Code Scanner in iPhone Camera

The QR code scanner is built-in in your camera app and is enabled by default. For most users, it enhances…

Auto Rotate Screen

How to Force Rotate Your iPhone or iPad Screen Without Tilting

Learn how to easily rotate the screen using ‘AssistiveTouch’ without tilting your iPhone or iPad.


How to Enable Two Factor Authentication on your Instagram Account

Protect your Instagram account from hacks with an additional layer of security

Secret Chat

How to Secretly Chat with Someone on iPhone

Use the ‘Notes’ app on your iPhone to have a secret chat without the fear of someone finding out.

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How to Find Circular References in Excel

One of the most common error warnings users encounter in Excel is the ‘Circular Reference’. Thousands of users have the…