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How to Fix “iTunes is Waiting for Windows Update” Error

Unable to connect your iPhone to PC because of the “iTunes is waiting..” error? Here’re a few fixes to try and resolve the issue on Windows 10.

Sheets Formula

How to Use SUMIF in Google Sheets

This tutorial provides a detailed demonstration of how to use SUMIF and SUMIFS functions in Google Sheets with formulas and examples.

New Notification

What is a Time-Sensitive Notification on iPhone and How to Enable or Disable it

Learn how to quickly enable or disable Time-Sensitive notification for an app on your iPhone and never miss an important update!

Computer Wireless Network

10 Ways to Fix ‘Windows Can’t Connect To This Network’ Problem

Encountering an error when trying to connect to a network? Keep your worries at bay and execute these simple and effective fixes.


What is a FaceTime Link and How to Schedule and Share a FaceTime Call

Use FaceTime Links to share FaceTime calls with non-Apple users.

Mobile Notification

How to Enable and Use Notification Summary on iPhone

Notification Summary on iPhone de-clutters your Notification Centre and helps you discover the important notifications quickly.

Mobile Scanner

How to Copy and Paste Text from Camera or Photos on iPhone

With iOS 15, you can now copy and paste text directly from Camera or the Photos app on your iPhone! It’s as effortless as copying text from a webpage or document.

Chrome No Sound

10 Ways to Fix No Sound in Chrome Problem

Chrome not playing sounds on Windows 10? It could be a minor glitch or misconfigured settings. Here’s everything you need to get things back up and running.


What is Spatial Audio in Apple Music?

Forever change how you listen to music with Spatial Audio.


What is iCloud+?

Get enhanced privacy along with the expanded storage when you become a paid subscriber of iCloud+.

Windows Computer

How to Remove Weather from Taskbar in Windows 10

Weather updates showing up on the Taskbar out of nowhere? Well, here’s how to remove or hide it.

Spreadsheet Table Cells

How to Convert an Excel File to Google Sheets

You can convert Excel files to Google Sheets by importing an Excel file, by opening it in Google Drive, or while uploading to Google Drive.

Video call grid view mobile

How to Enable Grid View in FaceTime

In iOS 15, Apple has brought the long-awaited features users have been asking for in FaceTime. First, there’s now FaceTime…

Mobile video call

How to Use FaceTime on Android

Hurray! Android users can now join a FaceTime call using a FaceTime link shared by an iPhone user.

USB Drive

6 Ways to Fix ‘Windows was Unable to Complete the Format’ Error

Unable to format an external drive? Worry not, there are other ways. We have listed the methods you can use to format a drive on Windows.

Web security

What is Private Relay in iCloud+ and How to Enable or Disable it on your iPhone or Mac

Browse the web with utmost privacy in the industry using Apple’s Private Relay feature in iCloud+ for safer browser.

Browser tabs

How to Use Tab Groups in Safari on iPhone and Mac

Always have a bazillion of tabs open? Learn how to create a Tab Group in Safari to manage tabs efficiently and declutter your research work.

BSOD Blue Screen of Death Error

9 Ways to Fix “System Service Exception” Stop Code Error in Windows 10

Wondering what’s leading to the System Service Exception error on your PC? Here’s all you need to know, along with the most effective fixes.

Pie Chart

How to Create a Pie Chart in Google Sheets

This tutorial covers everything about creating, editing, customizing, downloading, and publishing a Pie Chart in Google Sheets.

Focus Mode

How to Use Focus Mode on your iPhone

The new Focus mode will be a gamechanger in how you use your iPhone, or rather, not use it when you’re busy.

Apple Music

How to Enable Lossless Audio and Dolby Atmos in Apple Music on iPhone

If you’ve a Hi-res speaker or headphone, Lossless audio will change your Music experience

Uninstall Update

How to Remove iOS 15 Beta and Downgrade Back to iOS 14

Beta testing not your cup of tea? Get rid of it and downgrade to the previous, public version.

Ethernet network

How to Fix “Ethernet Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration” Error in Windows 10

Unable to connect to the internet due to some invalid IP issue? Don’t worry! Execute these quick and simple fixes to resolve the issue.

iOS 15

How to Download and Install iOS 15 Beta on your iPhone

At WWDC 2021, Apple has announced the much-awaited iOS 15 update for developers to test and try their apps on…

Canva Margins

How to Use Margins in Canva

Use Margins in Canva and never lose important design elements to the printing press.