How to Copy all Bookmarks from a Folder in Chrome

How to Copy all Bookmarks from a Folder in Chrome

Need to copy all bookmark URLs from a single folder in Chrome? Well, there’s no visible button in the Chrome’s bookmark manager to let you do that, but the trusty "Ctrl + A" and "Ctrl + C" keyboard shortcuts do work.

From the bookmarks bar in Chrome, “right-click on the folder” from which you want to copy all bookmark URLs and select “Bookmarks manager” from the context menu to open the folder in the bookmarks manager tab.

Right-click on a folder and select “Bookmark manager”

On the Bookmarks screen, click once on any bookmark inside the folder to select/highlight it.

Click once on any bookmark to select it

After selecting/highlighting a single bookmark in the folder, press the "Ctrl + A" keys together on your computer’s keyboard to select all bookmarks in the folder.

Select all bookmarks in a folder by pressing “Ctrl + A” in bookmarks manager

After selecting the bookmarks, press "Ctrl + C" together on the keyboard to copy all bookmarks you selected in the step above. A little pop-up in the bottom left corner of the screen will appear indicating the number of bookmarks copied to the clipboard.

Press “Ctrl + C” to copy all bookmarks to the clipboard

After copying the bookmarks, open Notepad or any text editor and paste the copied URLs. You can use the “Ctrl + V” keyboard shortcut to paste all URLs from the clipboard.

Paste all copied bookmarks into a Notepad file or any text editor.

Save the text file on your PC to keep a backup of these URLs for later use.