As per a report by Bloomberg on January 30, 2019, plans are already underway by Apple Inc. to launch iPhones with a rear-facing, longer-range 3D camera in 2020 — with an aim to up augmented reality a notch further. This powerful camera features a laser scanner, instead of the current dot-projection technology and will operate from up to a distance of 15 feet.

In 2019, Apple Inc will be releasing the successors to iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max code-named D42 and D43, and an updated iPhone XR model. Rumor has it that the successor to the iPhone XS Max will feature a three-camera setup on the rear. The third camera will have features such as wider zoom, AI-powered repairing for photos and videos to include subjects that may have been cut off accidentally in a shot, and upgraded Live Photos function. Other improvements will include an enhanced Apple processor and Face ID sensor.

As for iOS 13, which is expected to be announced at WWDC 2019, Bloomberg’s report hints at “Dark Mode” finally coming with the upcoming iOS version. Other rumored features of iOS 13 include improvements in CarPlay, new video streaming service from Apple (like Netflix), and a magazine subscription service. There will be iPad specific features as well such as a new home screen, improved file manager, and advanced multi-tasking option to browse through multiple versions of an app like tabs in Safari and Chrome.

The above speculations haven’t been backed up with any solid evidence. Therefore, let’s wait till the WWDC event 2019, in order to be finally sure about what features will be offered by iOS 13. Apple is expected to launch its latest 2019 iPhone models in September and that will give definite answers to all our questions about the next iPhone.