Apex Legends items are colored in white, blue, purple and gold options. While blue is level 2, purple and gold are both level 3 stuff. However, the gold items come with some special abilities do magic tricks as well, like self-reviving after being knocked down.

Gold items are a rare pick in the game. You will mostly find them in care packages dropping in from the sky. The Lifeline legend is your best ally in getting gold items in Apex Legends as she can call in care packages at will with her ultimate ability.

Apex Legends Gold Knockdown Shield

The gold knockdown shield not only protects you from damage after being knocked down, but it also allows you to self revive after being knocked down without any help from your squad.

It can be a game changer if you have the gold knockdown shield in the last moments of the game. Check out some of the wins players have had with help of a gold knockdown shield in the videos below.

Did someone say self revive doesn’t work? from r/apexlegends

Apex Legends Gold Armor Ability

The gold armor in Apex Legends can recharge itself when you perform a finisher on a knocked down enemy. While it’s not life-saving like the gold knockdown shield, it’s a nice touch to the gold standard of things in Apex Legends. When a downed enemy is nearby, and you have to recharge your shields, the gold armor lets you do both at once.

Other than dropping in from care packages, you can find gold armor in high tier loot areas as well in the Kings Canyon.

And my friends said the gold armor isn’t useful in late game from r/apexlegends

Apex Legends Gold Backpack Ability

The Gold backpack in Apex Legends is one of the rarest items to find, and it’s the most effective of all. It reduces the healing time by 50% when using med-kits, syringe, battery cells, phoenix kit, etc. And when you’re playing with the Lifeline legend, it further boosts the legend’s already insane passive ability to use healing items faster.

Apex Legends Gold Helmet

A gold helmet in Apex Legends reduces the time it takes to recharge your tactical and ultimate abilities. It just works in the background, you don’t have to do anything to get the gold helmet do its magic.

Tip: Give a gold helmet to Lifeline in your squad so she can recharge her ult faster and frequently call in care packages.

Apex Legends Gold Scope

This one is a keeper if you’ve a compatible weapon. The gold scope comes in two versions: 1x (close range) and 4x – 10x (long range, sniper). A gold scope features digital threat detection that highlights the enemy when seeing through the scope making it easier to spot them when hiding in smoke or in long-range scenarios.

There are other gold items as well in the game but they don’t have any advantage over the purple ones. All gold items with special tricks have been mentioned above.