In the season finale of The Flash, DeVoe was portrayed wiped out of the air by merely being unplugged from his chair. It was unsatisfying, CW probably also knows that but maybe it was all part of a plan. In our theory, DeVoe is not dead. And “The Enlightenment” could have been a real threat to the world, but to DeVoe and Marlize, it was nothing but a fake show to get the Flash into DeVoe’s mind ultimately.

Remember when DeVoe broke into the Starlabs in the season finale while Barry was in his mind? He said that Barry’s “access to the speedforce, access to all of time.. past, present, and future. True Knowledge. And now that you have placed him inside my mind, I’ll have it all”. We know that DeVoe’s mind is capable enough of gathering all of speedforce’ knowledge in the time Barry spent inside his mind.

It was Marlize’s idea to put Flash into DeVoe’s mind. She faked working with team Flash to convince them to get Flash into DeVoe’s mind by using Cecile’s powers.

So, maybe DeVoe and Marlize planned it all together up to the point where Marlize unplugs DeVoe from his chair. And they probably also planned to put DeVoe’s brain into Harrison Wells who was in a speedforce state of mind where Barry once was when he came out of the speedforce in the season’s beginning. Cisco made this pretty clear when he pointed out that Wells is speaking the same words “The stars are raining, draining, painting” that Barry spoke when he came out of the speedforce.



Marlize built the device to fix Harrison Wells’ brain. But it didn’t work as expected because it probably wasn’t meant to fix Wells but put DeVoe inside Wells’ mind. If true, it would be exhilarating to see an evil Harrison Wells again (like the reverse flash) in the next season or the season after that.


  • DeVoe is not dead.
  • “The Enlightenment” was a scary fake show by DeVoe and Marlize to get Flash into DeVoe mind.
  • Marlize joined team Flash to convince Flash to get into DeVoe’s mind using Cecile’s power.
  • DeVoe learned everything about past, present, and future when Barry got inside his head because Barry had access to the speedforce.
  • Marlize built a device to fix Harrison Wells but what she did was transfer DeVoe into Wells’ mind.
  • Harrison Wells (read DeVoe) leaves for Earth 2 to plan something bigger. Something that relates to what Barry and Wells were both saying in the speedforce state of mind “The stars are raining, draining, painting.”

This is just a theory. Please feel free to tell us how much awful or awesome it sounded to you in the comments section below.