There are various wallpaper options available on your computer by default but if you want to spice things up, setting a video as wallpaper is what many users resort to. Also, some users prefer live wallpapers but with the lack of options, setting a video as a wallpaper seems a perfect choice, since the options are endless. You can set any video as the wallpaper.

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Windows 10 does not have a built-in feature to let you set a video as a wallpaper, however, there are multiple third-party apps that come to aid. We will walk you through the best alternatives and the process to set a wallpaper in each case.

Setting a Video as Wallpaper with PUSH Video Wallpaper App

If you want to set a video as wallpaper permanently, ‘PUSH Video Wallpaper’ is the right app for you. You require a subscription to use the app, however, there is a free trial. If you find the app worthy after the trial, go for the paid version, otherwise, you can simply uninstall it. Also, until the trial period ends, you will receive prompts from the app to purchase the full version.

To download the app, go to and click on the ‘Download Video Wallpaper’ icon at the bottom. Now, run the installer and follow the on-screen directions to install the app.

After the app is installed, search for it in the ‘Start Menu’, and then click on the search result to launch it.

After you launch the app, it will instantly change the wallpaper by setting one of the demo videos that came with it. You can also view the other videos that you can set as video wallpaper. The

Also, you will find multiple playback options at the top and bottom of the app. These include play, pause, stop, previous and next (in case of multiple videos in the playlist), and loop.

With PUSH Video Wallpaper, you can video both on your computer and those on the web as the wallpaper.

Setting Video on Computer as Wallpaper

What’s the fun when you can only set a given bunch of videos as wallpaper? PUSH Video Wallpaper allows you to set videos on your computer as wallpaper.

To do so, click on the ‘Playlist’ icon and select ‘New’ from the menu to create a new playlist.

Next, enter a name for the playlist in the provided section and click on ‘OK’.

The new playlist will now open. Click on the ‘Add’ icon at the bottom-right corner to add a video from the computer to the playlist.

Now, browse and select the video that you want to add and click on the ‘Add to playlist’ option.

The video is now added to the playlist and will be set as the wallpaper if it’s the only one. You can similarly add more videos to the playlist.

Setting Video from the Internet as Wallpaper

You wouldn’t want to download every video that you want to set as a wallpaper, right? PUSH Video Wallpaper allows you to set videos from the web as wallpaper without the need to download them. Now, you can set videos from YouTube and other platforms easily as wallpaper.

First, copy the link of the video that you want to set as wallpaper. You can create a new playlist for the online videos with the method mentioned in the last section or adding the video to the current playlist. To add the video to the playlist, click on the ‘Add URL’ option at the bottom.

Now, paste the URL in the provided section and click on ‘Add to playlist’. You can also click on ‘Paste from Clipboard’ to automatically paste the video link that you copied earlier.

The video has been added to the playlist. Select the video to set as the wallpaper.

Setting a Video as Wallpaper with VLC Media Player

The VLC media player is one of the most versatile multimedia players since it supports various formats. Most of us must have used the app to play videos or songs, however, what most users aren’t aware of is the feature where it allows you to set a video as the wallpaper.

However, the video will be set as a wallpaper for as long as the VLC media player is active. Once, you close the player, your wallpaper will revert to the original. You can use the VLC media player to set video wallpapers temporarily but if you are looking for a permanent solution, you should try the other methods.

First, download the VLC media player in case you don’t have it installed on your computer. Go to and click on the ‘Download’ icon to download the latest version of the app. Once the download is complete, locate the installer and double-click on it to launch the extension. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to install the app.

Also, if you are on an older version of the multimedia player, update to the latest, and then proceed.

Setting the Video as Wallpaper

After the app is installed, locate the video that you want to set as wallpaper, right-click on it, hover the cursor over ‘Open with’, and then select ‘VLC media player’ from the menu. This is only to be done if VLC media player is not set to default, in case it’s, you can simply double-click on the video to play it.

Now, right-click anywhere on the video and a menu will appear. Hover the cursor over ‘Video’ and then click on ‘Set as Wallpaper’ in the list of options that pop up.

The video will now be set as the wallpaper. It will play in the background until it ends. If the video is short, you can always play it on loop and avoid setting it as wallpaper time and again. After you have set the wallpaper, press ALT + TAB to view and select the various other live windows and work as usual. The picture below will provide you a fair idea of what the video set as wallpaper looks like.

Removing the Video as Wallpaper

Removing the video that has earlier been set as wallpaper is just as easy. All you have to do is right-click on the video, hover the cursor above ‘Video’, and then unselect the ‘Set as Wallpaper’ option by clicking on it.

Setting a Video as Wallpaper with YouTube

You can set a video on YouTube as the wallpaper, but it also is temporary as was the case above. However, the enhanced options do make this method sound appealing. Also, there are many users who avoid third-party apps, thus making this option their first preference. This isn’t really a full-proof method but just a quick and simple workaround that nullifies the need for any additional apps.

To set a YouTube video as wallpaper, open the video, and then enable the full-screen mode by clicking on the ‘Full Screen’ icon at the bottom-right corner of the video or pressing the F key.

Once the video plays in the full-screen mode, press ALT + TAB to view and access the other apps while the video will play in the background on full screen. To stop playing the video in full screen, open the browser and press ESC.

With the three methods discussed above, you can now set any video as the wallpaper with minimum effort.