Skype recently launched a brand new tool called ‘Meet Now‘ to create Skype Meetings that anyone can join on any device without a Skype account.

It used to be one of the greatest features of a Zoom meeting until the company began measures to prevent Zoom Bombing and disabled the ability to join a Zoom meeting without an account from their web client.

The ‘Meet Now’ feature in Skype is the opposite Zoom’s recent restrictions. In Skype, you can now even start a Zoom meeting without a Skype account or the Skype.

Open the page in a web browser on your computer and click on the ‘Create a free meeting’ button to start a Skype meeting even without signing in.

Skype will instantly create a meeting room and give you options to share the invite. Click on the ‘…’ link to copy the invitation link to your clipboard, use the ‘Share invite’ button to share the link directly via mail.

After sharing the invitation link to people who you want to participate in the meeting, click on the ‘Start call’ button to start the meeting.

Skype will then ask you to either ‘Join as guest’ with a temporary guest account, or sign in with your Skype account. Click on the ‘Jain as guest’ button to start the meeting without signing in.

Note: If you don’t get an option to ‘Join as guest’ after clicking the ‘Start call’ button, then refresh the page or go directly the invitation link. You’ll then get the ‘Join as guest’ option.

On the next screen, enter your name and click the ‘Join’ button to enter the meeting.

Skype will then log you into the meeting and open the chat conference window where you can see who else has joined the meeting so far. To start the video call, click on the ‘Start call’ button again on the upper-right side of the screen.

Skype will show you a final confirmation window to turn on/off the video and microphone before you join the meeting. For guest accounts, Video and Microphone are turned off by default, you can choose to enable either of the options before you join the meeting.

When you’re ready, click on the ‘Join Call’ button to enter the meeting.

If your browser doesn’t have the permission to use Camera and Microphone on the Skype Web app, you’ll get a pop-up below the address bar to allow access to either of the devices. Make sure you click on the ‘Allow’ button to be able to share your video and voice in the Skype meeting.

Anyone who you have sent an invite can join your meeting with just as much ease without requiring to sign in or sign up for a Skype account.