Upgrading the design of your WordPress powered site comes with a lot of responsibilities. One of which is regenerating thumbnail sizes to match your new designs image thumbnail requirements.

While it’s easy to regenerate thumbnails using the popular regenerate thumbnails plugin, what do you do of the now useless media thumbnails created for your previous WordPress theme? Well, it’s best to delete the old thumbnails of your WordPress site before you regenerate thumbnails for a new theme.

Thankfully, there’s a plugin called Thumbnail Cleaner which is available for free through the WordPress.org plugin directory. This plugin lets you delete all current thumbnails before regenerating new ones.

Thumbnail Cleaner WordPress plugin options screen

For regenerating new thumbnails, Thumbnail Cleaner uses our good ‘ol trusty Regenerate Thumbnails plugin by Alex Mills (Viper007Bond). Both of these plugins are available to download from the official WordPress plugins directory.