Google has introduced a new Google One plan called the 'Google One AI Premium', which lets people use a really smart AI tool named 'Gemini Advanced'. This service costs $19.99 every month and lets you use Google's newest and smartest AI model, Ultra 1.0. It's a special kind of AI that can do a lot of things, like understand complicated questions and help with coding.

What is the Google One AI Premium Plan? Simply put, this is a paid service that lets you use Google's latest AI technology. When you sign up, you can use Gemini Advanced, which is very smart because it uses Google's most advanced AI model, Ultra 1.0. This AI can do many things, from helping you code to having long talks and understanding what you mean better.

What Do You Get with Your Subscription? When you subscribe, you get a few cool things:

  • Gemini Advanced Access. This is the star of the show. It's really smart and can help with lots of complex tasks. It's like having a conversation with someone who understands exactly what you need.
  • Lots of Storage. You get 2TB (tons!) of space in Google Drive to store all your stuff.
  • Help in Google Apps. The smart AI help is also available in Google's work apps like Gmail and Docs, making your work easier.
  • Extra Goodies. You also get some cool extras like special features in Google Photos, money back on Google Store purchases, better video calls in Google Meet, and more.

How to Try It Out? Google offers a two-month free trial. You can sign up on their website and start using all the features to see if you like it.

How to Get Gemini Advanced
Get access to the latest and most advanced AI from Google yet.

What's Special about Gemini Advanced? Gemini Advanced is made to be like a personal helper for coding, learning, and creating things. It can give you quizzes, help write content, and do much more, all based on what you ask it. It's very good at understanding complex tasks and giving helpful answers.

Take a look at the comparison table below between the Gemini free version (which is powered by Gemini Pro) and the Gemini Advanced version (powered by Gemini Ultra).

Feature/Aspect Gemini (Free) Gemini Advanced (Subscription)
Pricing Free Requires Google One AI Premium Plan ($19.99 in the US)
AI Model Gemini Pro Gemini Ultra (Ultra 1.0)
Coding Support Basic coding assistance Advanced coding support with complex scenario handling
AI Features in Google Workspace Standard AI enhancements in Docs, Sheets, etc. Enhanced AI features for more intuitive collaboration and creation across more Google Workspace apps
Learning and Tutoring Basic educational support In-depth learning and tutoring capabilities
Multimodal Capabilities Text and basic image processing Advanced text, image, and possibly video processing
Access to New AI Innovations Limited to standard updates Exclusive early access to new AI developments and features
Subscription Benefits N/A Includes 2TB of Google One storage, VPN, and other Google One benefits
Platform Compatibility Android, iOS, Web Android, iOS, Web (with integration for Google Workspace)
Safety and Trustworthiness Standard safety checks Advanced safety checks and red-teaming strategies

By offering Gemini Advanced in a subscription, Google is competing with other big companies like Microsoft that have similar paid AI tools. These tools are getting better and help people do more creative and productive work.

Conclusion. With Google One AI Premium Plan and Gemini Advanced, Google is bringing new tools to help with work and creative projects. If you're interested in AI and how it can make tasks easier, this subscription might be worth checking out. As AI gets better, it's going to be a big part of how we use technology.