You can’t play Asphalt 9 Offline (without internet)

Gameloft’s Asphalt 9 is one of the best games I’ve played in recent times on a mobile device. However, I’m not an avid gamer, and I play mostly when I’m out and have nothing else to do. These circumstances often only occur when I have either poor internet connectivity or no connectivity at all.

Unfortunately, the Asphalt 9 cannot be played at all under these circumstances. You cannot play Asphalt 9 without internet. The game has no offline mode. If you launch Asphalt 9 when you’ve poor connectivity, you’ll be met with the dreaded Connection Error pop-up.

Just in case you see the Connection Error message even when you’ve internet connectivity, do check our post on how to fix the problem at the link below:

How to fix Asphalt 9 Connection Error problem

If anyone over at Gameloft is reading this, please bring an offline mode for the carrier gameplay at-least. It’ll make the game more enjoyable for the occasional gamers like me and many others.