The Asphalt series by Gameloft is the most popular car racing game for mobile devices. Asphalt 9: Legends is the latest title under the series which released in 2018.

Asphalt 9 is going to stay for 4-5 years before the next Asphalt title takes over the course. So it’s going to be a long journey, and you gotta make sure that you win through it at the end of the race. Every race.

Below are seven tips that we found very helpful in winning the career races in Asphalt 9. These tips are also useful for winning Multiplayer races.

Keep drifting to recharge Nitro bar

To reload the Nitro bar quickly and efficiently, hold the drift button whenever you approach a corner. Even when you’re driving on a straight road, press the drift button to recharge the Nitro bar quickly. On curves, using the drift button won’t affect your speed at all, and the easily restored Nitro bar will give you a significant speed boost throughout the race.

Use Nitro for Shockwaves only

Use Nitro only when it’s fully recharged so you could create a shockwave — the purple blur. A shockwave gives the most out of your nitro.

Again, make sure that you drift the car to fill the nitro bar quickly and easily.

Match car rank for career races

Every career race is labeled with a recommended rank for cars. Match your car rank with the recommended rank for a race. If you’re good at the game, you should be able to win races even when your car is 100 points below the recommended rank.

Take jumps as much as possible

Remember to take jumps whenever possible. Jumps often land you on a shortcut path, and the airtime helps to fill the nitro bar quickly. It’s a win-win combo.

Keep an eye on the Map for the shortest path

Winning a race in Asphalt is all about using the nitro bar wisely and taking the shortest route. It makes a huge difference. Take the short road, smash construction sites and use nitro shockwaves to win every race in Asphalt 9.