Apple changed a lot of things with the iPhone X, and taking screenshots is one of the biggest of all the changes. To take a screenshot on iPhone X, you’ve to press and release the Side and Volume up button together at once. It’s easy to do it this way, no denying to that. But unfortunately, with the new key combinations, you end up taking a lot of accidental taking screenshots on iPhone X.

What happens is when you lock or unlock your iPhone with the Side button, it often happens that you also press the Volume up button accidentally. And since the way taking screenshots on iPhone X works, there’s no pause required for taking a screenshot after pressing the Side and Volume up keys, so when you press the Volume up key accidentally to turn on the screen. Your iPhone X takes a screenshot.

And the worst part is there’s no way to remove the screenshots from camera roll on an iPhone. So what you end up with is a lot of uninteresting screenshots taken accidentally lying around in your Photos app. This whole thing gets very annoying.

How to avoid accidental screenshots on iPhone X

  • In most cases, we accidentally press the Volume up button while picking up or while putting the phone down. So avoid pressing the Side button while doing either of the actions.
  • Maybe this happens because you’re not holding the phone right. In that case, practice holding the phone in a way where your fingers or thumb remain below the volume controls on the left side. This will help you avoid pressing the Volume up key accidentally.