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How to Do a Joint Post on Instagram

Use Instagram Collabs to reach a wider audience when collaborating with someone.

How to Delete Highlights on Instagram

Easily manage your highlights on Instagram by deleting the entire highlight or particular stories.

How to Change Location on iPhone

Ways to change the location of your iPhone whether you simply want to access apps not available in your region or trick an app.

How to Hide Like Count on Instagram

Easily hide the like count on your as well as others’ posts on Instagram and stop obsessing over them.

How to Enable Windows Spotlight Desktop Backgrounds in Windows 11

Personalize your desktop background with a new picture every day with Windows Spotlight in Windows 11.

How to Hide Tagged Photos on Instagram

Everything you need to know about hiding and managing your tagged photos and posts on Instagram.

How to Change the Background Color on Instagram Story

No matter what type of story you’re sharing, this guide will help you change the background color for it.

iPhone Storage Space

How to Clear System Data on iPhone

All the ways to manage or get rid of System Data that’s hogging storage space on your iPhone.

How to Save Instagram Reels to Camera Roll on iPhone

Whether you want to save your own reel or someone else’s to your iPhone camera roll, this guide will help you find a way to do it.

How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story

Two easy ways to make photo collages and share them on your Instagram story

How to Delete Photo Albums on iPhone

Easily delete any unnecessary albums on your iPhone without worrying about deleting the photos inside them.

How is Windows 11?

To upgrade or not to upgrade, if that is the question, you’ll find your answer here.

Camera Timer

How to Set a Timer on iPhone Camera

Have no one to take the photos? The camera timer on iPhone will be a lifesaver!

Web App

How to Add a Website to Your Home Screen on iPhone and Android

Quickly access any website from your Home screen, regardless of whether or not there’s an app for it.


How to Enable Cookies on iPhone

Cookies are good, whether we’re talking about eating them or enabling them for the browser!

Video Editor Computer

How to Trim or Crop a Video on Windows 11

Whether you want to trim or crop a video, this guide will help you with it all.

Spam Text Message Group

How to Block Spam Group Text Messages on iPhone

Don’t let those spam group messages annoy you forever.

Silence Notifications

How to Silence Notifications on iPhone

All the ways you can silence different notifications on your iPhone.

Loop Video

How to Loop a Video on iPhone

Loop videos in a jiffy to make them infinitely more fun.

iPhone Security Lock

What Does Security Lockout Mean on iPhone?

There’s no need to panic right away if you’re seeing the “Security Lockout” message on your screen.


Where is the Temp Folder in Windows 11 and How to Access it

Easily access the Temp folder on Windows 11 to manage the ever growing list of temp files.

Delete Instagram

How to Delete an Instagram Account on iPhone

To delete, or not to delete – that is the question.

Invert Color

How to Invert Colors on iPhone

Invert the colors on your iPhone to make them easy on the eyes.

Mobile Flashlight

How to Turn Off Flashlight on iPhone

4 ways to turn your flashlight off – in a flash!