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Microsoft Teams

How to Stop Microsoft Teams from Opening Automatically on Windows 11

Stopping Teams from opening automatically to making it go away completely, this guide will help you with everything.

Admin Settings

What are Windows 11 ADMX Templates and How to Set them up

Learn how to use ADMX templates to deploy Windows 11 for users in your domain

Windows 11 PC

What is the Latest Version of Windows 11?

Stay up-to-date about the latest OS from Microsoft

AirTag More Light Required

Why Does iPhone says “More Light Required” for Connecting to AirTag

Even though light isn’t actually required to find the AirTag, it’s needed to direct you to it.

Microsoft Teams

How to Use Microsoft Teams on Windows 11

A comprehensive guide to using Microsoft Teams in Windows 11

Phone DND Do Not Disturb

What is Focus Status in iMessage on iPhone?

Choose whether you want others to know you are busy while using a Focus Mode


How to Use Siri to Share On-Screen Photos, Links, Music, and More on your iPhone

Need to share something ASAP? You can now let Siri handle it without even lifting a finger!

Microsoft Teams

How to Hide or Remove the ‘Meeting with…’ Chat from Teams Chat on Windows 11

Fret not! There’s a straightforward solution to hide those pesky meeting chats.

Video Call

How to Make a Video Call from your Windows 11 PC using Micorosft Teams

Video conferencing is just a click away in Windows 11.

Computer Performance

What is DirectStorage in Windows 11 and Does Your PC Support it?

Your games will load faster than ever before with full support for DirectStorage in Windows 11.

WiFi Security

What Does Weak Security WiFi Mean on iPhone?

This pesky message might not be a cause for immediate concern, but you should take an action.

Microsoft Paint Logo

How to Use the New Paint app on Windows 11

The new and improved Paint app is a sight for sore eyes with its visual evolution.


How to Take a Quick Note on iPad

Quickly save any important information on your screen with the new Quick Note feature in iPadOS 15.

Drag and drop

How to Use Drag and Drop to Share Content Across Apps in iPhone

This secret trick in iOS 15 lets you share and save content like a speedster.


How to Use Tags in Notes and Reminders on iPhone

iOS 15 now has tags in notes and reminders to make your life easier.

iPhone text size

How to Change Display and Text Size Settings on Per-App Basis in iPhone

iOS 15 brings a wonderful hidden gem with it: You can set different text size and other settings for each app now.

Mobile video call

Can You Do a FaceTime Call from Android to iPhone?

You can join FaceTime calls from an Android phone. But when it comes to starting them, Android users are still on the outs.


How to Cancel Course Hero Subscription

The straightforward way to cancel your Course Hero subscription if you don’t need it anymore.

Health Data

How to Share Health Data and Notifications with Others on iPhone

Easily share health data and alerts with your loved ones, caregiver, or a doctor.


How to Play Background Sounds on iPhone like Rain, Stream, and More

There’s no more need for third-party apps to play ambient sounds on your iPhone.

FaceTime SharePlay

SharePlay is Not Working in iOS 15 Yet, You Need to Wait Until Year End

If you hopped on some FaceTime calls to use this feature, you’re in for some disappointment.

Online Course

What is Course Hero and How Does it Work

The perfect study aid for students, no matter where in the world they are.

Note taking

How to Automatically Take Notes of Your Online Classes in Microsoft Word

Word has a great tool that’ll make it extremely easy to focus in class without worrying about the notes.