Sakshi Garg

Google Chrome Browser

How to Name a Window in Chrome on any OS

Name multiple windows to easily navigate them.

Google Docs

FIX: Google Docs Cursor Stuck at Start of Line

A simple fix for this pesky issue.


How to Add Google Widget on iPhone and Android

Add this widget to make your Google searches more efficient.

Message Contact Name

Why Do iMessages Turn Green

A straightforward answer to this age-old question

Video Conferencing

How to Use the Around Video Conferencing App

Your guide to getting started with the new-gen video conferencing app, Around.

Record screen iPad

How to Record Screen on iPad

Easily record any app on your iPad to share it with others.

Image Frame

How to Unblur an Image

Don’t let little blurriness ruin a good photo.

Can You Color Your Battery on iPhone? Here’s Everything you need to know

The answers you are looking for when it comes to customizing your battery icon.

Drop Pin

How to Drop a Pin on Google Maps

Access any location faster by pinning it in Google Maps

Group Chat

What Happens When You Leave a Room/ Group Chat in Google Chat

Before you leave a room/ group chat, it’s important to know your options thereafter.


iMessage Not Saying ‘Delivered’? Here’s Why

One of the perks of shifting from traditional messaging to instant messaging services, like iMessage, is saying goodbye to uncertainties….

Messages iPhone

How to Activate iMessage with Phone Number

Use iMessage with your phone number, and not just your Apple ID

Breakout Rooms

How to Create and Use Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams

Everything you need to know to use Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams

Web Camera

How to Change Microsoft Teams Camera Settings

Nail down your camera settings every time in Microsoft Teams

Name tag

How to Change your Name in a Webex Meeting

Change your name according to the meeting you’re going to attend


Webex Polling: How to Create Polls in a Webex Meeting

A complete guide to conducting polls in Webex meetings.


How to Make Your Messages say iMessage in Notifications on iPhone

Keep your messages private and don’t spill any unnecessary tea!

Mobile silent mode

How to Unsilence Calls on iPhone

Don’t miss out on important calls; figure out why your calls are being silenced and fix it.


How to BCC in Outlook

Use BCC to send private emails

Email signature

How to Change Signature in Outlook

Changing your signature in Outlook is as easy as a pie.

Extract page

How to Extract Pages from a PDF File

Reusing pages from a PDF file doesn’t have to be a behemoth task