Sakshi Garg

Google Workspace

What is Google Workspace and How to Use It

The cheat sheet you need to get started on Google Workspace

Computer Privacy

How to Find Which App or Process is Using Microphone, Location, and Camera on your Windows 11 PC

Finding whether an app is abusing your privacy is first step in stopping them .

Walkie Talkie

How to Use Push to Talk (Walkie Talkie) in Microsoft Teams

Convert your phone into a secure Walkie Talkie and communicate with teammates on the go with Microsoft Teams


How to Use iCloud on Windows 11

Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of setting up and using iCloud for Windows. Let this guide help you through all the steps.

Software Process

What is Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime?

If it seems like this Runtime process appeared out of nowhere, it did. But there’s no need to be concerned.

Mute video

How to Toggle Camera and Microphone On/Off with a Keyboard Shortcut in Windows 11/10 using PowerToys

Quickly toggle your camera and microphone on with custom keyboard shortcuts.

Computer screen split

How to Create Custom Snap Layouts in Windows 11 using Microsoft PowerToys

If the limited Snap Layouts aren’t cutting it for you, you need the power of FancyZones for custom layouts.

Video Conferencing

How to Use Google Meet Filters, Masks, and Effects

Add a little bit of fun to your calls with Google Meet’s latest additions

FaceTime Logo

How to Use FaceTime on Windows

No need to be left out from calls as you can now FaceTime with Apple users on your Windows system.

Computer Camera

How to Enable or Disable Camera in Windows 11

Easily control when you want your camera to be accessible and when not in Windows 11

Voice Typing

How to Use Voice Typing (Dictation) Tool in Windows 11

Let your PC take the notes for you by using the new Voice typing dictation tool in Windows 11.


How to Enable or Disable Microphone in Windows 11

Manage your microphone preferences easily in Windows 11 with the plethora of options available to you

IP Address

How to Edit Hosts File in Windows 11

Change the resolving IP address for a domain easily in hosts file on Windows 11

Computer audio

How to Change Audio Output Device in Windows 11

Easily juggle between different audio devices as per your needs.

Computer speakers

How to Use Volume Mixer in Windows 11

The quickest way to using Volume Mixer in Windows 11

Schedule Message

How to Schedule a Text Message on iPhone

Schedule important messages ahead of time to avoid any goof-ups

Chat thread mobile

All iMessage Effects Words that You Should Know

Use these phrases and words to make your iMessage wishes explode!

Chat Reply

How to Auto Reply in iMessage on iPhone

Let others know you’re busy and can’t get back to them when they send you an iMessage

Microsoft Teams Logo

What’s New in Microsoft Teams on Windows 11

The Microsoft Teams experience is getting a makeover in Windows 11

Profile Identity

How to Add and Share your Pronouns on Zoom

A small step for Zoom, a giant leap for all its users towards better expressing their gender identity on Zoom.