Bethesda Game Studios will be introducing the long-awaited Patch 6 update in the coming week to its Fallout franchise – Fallout 76. So what will the new upgrade have in store for its gamer fans? The most important of them include the Stash Limit increase, PvP and UI changes, new designations for Heavy Weapons, bug fixes, and quest tweaks. Let’s find out about the major additions in detail.

The first new feature is an increase to the Stash Limit from 600 to 800. With the addition of this extra 200 to the existing storage space, players will now be able to store more of the amazing items they discover in the Wasteland.

Additionally, Patch 6 shall also roll out further enhancements in its PvP and UI. Now, in order to be designated as ‘Wanted’, you have to destroy parts of the C.A.M.P, instead of just accidentally shooting it. Patch 6 will include M79 Grenade Launcher and Auto Grenade Launcher under the Heavy Weapons designation — equipping them all the benefits of this category.

Bethesda will be collecting feedback from players on all these updates. Moreover, we will get to know about the detailed patch notes in the release planned for the coming week.