One of the frequent complaints from Apex Legends players is how to keep track of their overall kill count. The current stat tracking employs a system that takes into account one character at a time — which involves scouring through several menus and variable stats in order to arrive at the total figure.

However, a redditor (u/holmise) has created a concept Apex Legends stats tracker which allows you to view your complete score –inclusive of your complete Kills, Wins, and Hours Played. It also displays stats of your Legends and Weapons that have been used the maximum number of times. Holmise has even devised a leaderboard where you can compare your numbers with your fellow gamers. Another page for weapon stats displays scores of three separate categories — Kills, Accuracy, and Damage.

The concept is amazing, yes, and might solve your most common problem. Currently, you have to add the numbers yourself or just stick to single-character gameplay. However, additionally, the good news is that even Respawn probably is working toward solving the stats issue.

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