The Fallout 76 Survival Mode is finally arriving as a beta release on March 26th. The new mode will offer a natural “Survival” gameplay style without the restrictions that are present in the Adventure mode. And most importantly, with the launch of Survival mode, Bethesda is bringing new weekly challenges to the game which will offer Fallout 76 Legendary Weapons as rewards to the players who complete the challenges.

The studio has already revealed details of the rewards for the first six weekly challenges coming in Fallout 76 Survival mode. As you’d expect, the new legendary weapons will deal greater damage, reload faster, aim better… basically designed to get you a kill more efficiently.

Fallout 76 Survival Mode Legendary Weapons Rewards

Week 1 Reward – Crushing Blow (March 26 – April 1)

The M79 Grenade Launcher, if unlocked, will now do Double damage to targets will full health and 50% more limb damage. This gives those of us with less than stellar aim to make that up with a better class of weapon.

Week 2 Reward – Medical Malpractice (Apr 2 – 8)

This  .44 Pistol with the legendary stats will now have V.A.T.S crits that will heal both you and your group, useful in gunfights where you have the disadvantage at some point. The V.A.T.S will also have 33% more chance of hitting with 25% less V.A.T.S actions points.

Week 3 Reward – Sole Survivor (April 9-15)

The Lever Action rifle will get a buff of 10% more damage and 10% damage increase while aiming as well. It will also have +50 damage resistance while aiming. This legendary weapon has the potential to change the meta.

Week 4 Reward – The Guarantee (April 16-22)

The Guarantee will do double the damage if the enemy has full health. Also, there is +50% limb damage (same as crushing blow) and 15% faster reloads with the legendary edition of the gun.

Week 5 Reward – The Action Hero (Apr 23 – 29)

This .50 Cal Machine Gun will now shoot an additional projectile and have 25% faster fire rate along with a 15% faster reload speed. The one guy wiping out a whole squad phenomenon will go into overdrive with this.

Week 6 Reward – The Quick Fix (Apr 30 – May 6)

The only melee weapon on the list, the Switchblade will now award its users with +1 Endurance and will have a 40% faster swing speed buff. Along with bringing it closer to the usability and versatility of a combat knife, this will also help in early game shenanigans.



That’s it for the first six weeks of Fallout 76 Survival Mode. Happy gaming!