With the Battle Royale craze in full swing, Battlefield 5 is all set to add its own rendition of the game mode, called Firestorm. The new map will be called Halvøy, which EA claims is the biggest BR map to date. Firestorm also includes combat vehicles like Tanks and a Prototype Helicopter, and armored cars and trucks.

While we have seen cars of many kinds in battle royal games, the new heavyweight vehicles in Battlefield V will offer a more intense BR gameplay.

Here is a rundown of all the vehicles in Battlefield V Firestorm. A thing to remember is that most vehicles will have a very limited amount of fuel and you will have to find jerry cans across the map to refill and keep using the vehicle for a prolonged period. The same thing can be said about limited ammo in vehicles and towables.

Combat Vehicles

The most dangerous class of vehicle, the ones that you should be most afraid of and the ones that you would want for yourself are as follows:

  • Churchill Mk VII – The backbone of the British offense during WW2 makes the first appearance here. This tank can only be found in Vehicle Lockup Objectives. It’s capable of spitting hot fire from the flamethrower on the chassis. Your whole squad can use the Mk VII by adding three people in the gunner seats along with the driver.
  • Panzer 38(t) – A tank lighter than the Mk VII, this one can hold a driver and two gunners. Vehicle lookups are the only way you can get to this tank.
  • Panzer IV – The German counterpart was a formidable beast itself, and EA believes that this one is set to become one of the favorites of Firestorm. Along with Vehicle Lookups, this tank can be found via Reinforcement flare gun as well.
  • Staghound T17E1– This compact and versatile vehicle can be found in both Vehicle Lockups and as a Reinforcement. Capable of seating four people, it can be used tactically to wipe out enemy squads by working together as a team.
  • Tiger I- This aptly named tank seats 4 and is nearly durable. Extreme amounts of damage can be inflicted on the enemy team if used correctly as a team. It can only be found in Vehicle Lockup objectives.
  • Valentine Mk VIII– The Mk VII’s more significant and worse brother has unrivaled stability and can only be found in Vehicle Lockups. The troops can assist a driver and a turret gunner in this vehicle on the ground while this behemoth provides the heavy artillery.

Armored Transports

Armored transports may be deemed as the little siblings of tanks, but they pack as much of a punch if used strategically. It seems like the most bang-for-buck vehicle class.

  • Kubelwagen – A fast armored car with a rear mounted turret. It’s capable of seating four people (including the driver) and is a good choice for the run-and-gun squads who want to rush into fights for the high-risk, high reward gameplay.
  • M3 Halftrack – The Kubelwagen’s big brother, it’s capable of packing all four members to aid in an all-out assault on the enemy.
  • Kfz 251 Halftrack – A compact form member of the Kubelwagen family. It isn’t as durable as the above two, but it’s fast and versatile. It can seat four people.
  • Universal Carrier – A light and nifty little track vehicle that can carry three soldiers. It’s one of the easiest vehicles to get in the game.

Firestorm-only Transports

The Firestorm also has some high-speed transport vehicles that can get you in and out of the battlefield with ease, and the good thing is that most of these vehicles can house your full quad too.

  • Prototype Helicopter- The crème de la crème is an elite helicopter to give you the edge in almost every battle. It can house up to three gunners along with the driver and has the distinction of letting you fire personal weapons as well.
  • Kettenkrad – This vehicle seems like a cross between a motorbike and a half track, with the hustle of the bike, and the muscle of the latter. Housing 2 people at a time, it is a perfect choice for a two-pronged attack on enemy squads, that is IF you can find two of these puppies.
  • Pickup Truck – The perfect vehicle for a swift getaway if you’re ambushed, these rowdy vehicles can be driven with no regards for the rules while packing up the whole squad for a ride.
  • Schwimmwagen – An exceptional vehicle because it can be amphibious. This seems like a cross-breed of a jet ski and a land terrain vehicle. A full squad can climb onto it, and the gunners can strike fear on both land and water.
  • Sports Car – Available as a Reinforcement, it’s the most efficient vehicle on the road to get you from one place to another in the least time possible. Of course, it can only hold two soldiers and is the least durable car of all, but it’s what it is, and it thrills.
  • Staff Car– Parked in the wild and available as a reinforcement, this regular car can fit in a whole squad into it.
  • Tractor – What could be the slowest vehicles of the new game mode, this vehicle is a meek choice for the battlefield, but could be useful in a pinch.

Towable and Stationary Weapons

Want to hold down a strategic spot akin to School from PUBG? The towable weapons FlaK 38 and PaK 40 can help you limit enemy movement to your sector. They can also be towed on vehicles that support it for destruction on the move.

That’s it for the vehicles in Battlefield 5 Firestorm. EA has stated in their blog post that this will be just the beginning. The plan is to keep updating and working out the kinks of the new mode, one that Dice has not been privy to previously.

The number of factors involved in Firestorm has the potential to make it the most realistic Battle Royal experience, while also having the unintended result of being so cluttered that players do not like it. One thing is for sure, though, every game will feel unique because of all the external aspects.