FIX: WhatsApp stuck on “Connecting…” on iPhone

Unable to send/receive messages on WhatsApp? Or unable to download an image a friend shared with you? Well, the chances are you have connectivity problems either on your iPhone or with the WhatsApp app.

If you see a Connecting… status on top of the WhatsApp Chats screen, it’s most likely internet connectivity issues on your iPhone. To resolve the problem, follow the tips shared below:

  • Restart your iPhone. Restarting fixes 99% of the issues on your iPhone, and internet connectivity issues are the most common of all problems on iOS devices that a restart can fix.
  • Enable Background App Refresh. Make sure Background App Refresh is enabled for WhatsApp on your iPhone. Go to Settings » General » Background App Refresh to verify.
  • Reboot your WiFi router. If restarting your iPhone doesn’t help, try rebooting your WiFi router.
  • Toggle Airplane Mode On/Off. If you’re on Cellular Data and WhatsApp is stuck on Connecting…, try turning the Airplane Mode On/Off to refresh the cellular connection.
  • Toggle Cellular Data and WiFi On/Off. Go to the control center on your iPhone and toggle WiFi and Cellular Data On/Off.

Lastly, if you’re running a beta version of iOS, then that might be the cause of the problem since beta releases often have internet connectivity issues on iPhone.

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