Fortnite Arena mode is finally here to let players compete with each other in professional game settings. Unlike competitive events, it’s a ranked Solo and Duos game mode that is permanently available to the players. There are a total of seven divisions in the game to categorize the ranks of the players. However, there’s isn’t any leaderboard for the Arena Mode to compare your rank with other players.

While you can check your own rank in the Fortnite Arena Mode, there’s no way to compare your rank to other players. For a competitive mode, this makes things a little less fun. You may rank up to the top 3 Divisions in the Arena Mode, but without a leaderboard, there’s no telling if you’re among top 5,000 players or top 100,000 players.

Global or Regional leaderboard? Which is better

We think it’s okay that Fortnite developers have not enabled a global leaderboard in the game yet. However, we would very much love to get a regional leaderboard in the Arena Mode.

Regional leaderboards make so much sense as it tells you where you stand against the competition that you’re competing against. There’s no point in comparing yourself with the players from another region with the global leaderboard because you’re never going to play against them.

We hope Fortnite brings leaderboards to the Arena Mode very soon, and they bring along a regional leaderboard too.