One of the new toys introduced in the Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass is the Bouncy Ball. This toy is unlocked at tier 26 of the Season 8 Battle Pass, and this week has a unique challenge for the bouncy ball toy where you are required to get 15 bounces in a single throw with Bouncy Ball.

If you thought dropping the ball from a very high altitude position would get you the 15 bounces pretty quickly, you’d be so wrong because throwing the ball in the open from a height will make it jump away so far that you’ll lose track of it. The ball has to be near to be able to count the bounces.

So, how do you get 15 bounces in a single throw? Well, you need to throw the ball in a closed space, somewhere indoors, preferably a place where there are no windows.

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How to Get 15 Bounces in Fortnite Bouncy Ball Challenge

  1. Go to the Polar Peek area.
  2. Get inside the castle, and then get to the Library floor of the castle.
  3. Stand between the bookshelves in Library, and throw the bouncy ball.

You’ll see the ball zap around the room, with not only 15 bounces but more than 40 bounces in a single throw.

Happy gaming!