Dice has rolled out the much-awaited update for Battlefield V which includes the Firestorm Battle Royal game mode and the new vehicles that it brings, but what has literally won the hearts of Redditors is the ability to make wall decals with a Knife in Firestorm. It’s pure gold.

Redditor darky_117 posted a video of the game where he had a guy in his squad who was standing tall against the wall repeatedly hitting it with a knife to make a decal. The guy wrote “Send” on the wall, then darky_117 wrote “Nudes” right below it. Then the other guy wrote “U” before the “Send” and started jumping like crazy. You should watch the video… it’s crazy.

To that random person, if you’re out there, just wanted to tell you, i had a great moment with you from r/BattlefieldV

Of course, “send nudes” wall decals is not what DICE would want in Battlefield 5 Firestorm. One of the developers from the game studio has confirmed on Reddit that the issue has been reported to the team and that they will add a text filter to avoid unkind words in wall decals made with a knife in the game.

Forwarded to the team. We’ll update our text filter for decals on walls made with a knife. Thanks!


One of the comments on the video said something like “video of the year”, and we want to agree that it indeed is one of the best funny user moments ever seen in a Battle Royal game.