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How to Cancel Apple TV Plus Subscription

If you have enrolled yourself into the free 1 week of Apple TV Plus subscription, know that Apple is going to charge $4.99 per month immediately after the free trial run ends. In case you don’t like what you see in the 1 week trial, be sure to cancel your Apple TV Plus subscription before the next billing period.


Cancel Apple TV Plus subscription from iPhone and iPad

Open the TV on your iPhone and tap your profile picture icon at the top right corner of the screen to access your App Store account settings.

Tap the profile picture icon in Apple TV app

Tap Manage Subscriptions on the Account screen to view all active subscriptions in your Apple account.

Tap “Manage Subscriptions” on the Account screen

Tap Apple TV+ from the list of active subscriptions in your Apple Account to get to the subscription editor screen for Apple TV+.

Select “Apple TV+” from your active subscriptions list

On the “Edit subscription” screen for Apple TV+, tap the Cancel Subscription button below the options to change subscription plan.

Tap “Cancel Subscription” button on the Apple TV+ subscription editor screen

If you get a confirmation pop-up, tap Confirm to complete your cancellation request for Apple TV+ subscription.

Tap confirm on the pop-up dialogue to cancel your Apple TV+ subscription

This will cancel your Apple TV Plus subscription immediately, but the service will remain active on your account until the expiry date.

⚠️ Important note!
If you’re eligible for the free 1 year trial of Apple TV+, then don’t cancel your subscription before the next billing period. If you do, your Apple TV Plus subscription will cancel immediately and you won’t be able to reclaim all that free gold.

Cancel Apple TV Plus from the Web

If you don’t have an iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple products, and you have been using your Windows PC to watch Apple TV Plus, you can cancel the Apple TV Plus subscription from the Apple TV Web from your account settings.


Open the website in a web browser on your computer. If you aren’t already signed in, click the Sign In button on the top-right corner of the site and login with your Apple ID.

Click on the “Sign in” button on Apple TV website

After signing in with your Apple ID on the Apple TV site, click the profile picture icon at the top-right corner of the site, and select Account Settings from the available options.

Access “Account Settings” menu from the Apple TV site

On the “Account Settings” screen on Apple TV site, scroll down to the bottom until you see the Subscriptions section. Click the Manage link to access your subscription settings.

Click “Manage” to access Apple TV Plus subscription settings

You’ll get an Edit your subscription pop-up window with options to change your subscription plan from monthly to yearly or vice versa. On this pop-up, you’ll also see a Cancel subscription button, click on it.

Click on the “Cancel subscription” button

Then confirm cancellation by clicking the “Cancel subscription” button again on the next screen.

Confirm cancellation of Apple TV Plus subscription

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