The first page that opens when you open a web browser is the homepage of your browser. The default homepage in Microsoft Edge contains quick links to the websites that you visit the most, a long thread of news articles, and beautiful wallpaper.

It might be annoying sometimes. You may want to get rid of fully-occupied elements of the homepage and make it minimal. To make that happen, there are some settings available in Edge to change the homepage as you like.

How to Change the look of Homepage

Microsoft Edge provides settings to change the way the homepage looks. To change the way it looks, click on the ‘Gear’ icon on the page.

You will see options to change the look. If you select ‘Focused’ you will see the page without any background image, as seen in the image below.

If you select ‘Inspirational’, a nice-looking background will be added to the page.

If you select ‘Informational’, a news-feed comes up on the page to provide you information about the happenings.

If you select ‘Custom’ you can remove quick-links by toggling the button off, remove the background image or set your own image or theme and remove the news feed or make it visible on the page, etc.

How to Set Homepage on Edge

If you wish to change and set a new homepage on Microsoft Edge, click on the ‘three-dots’ in the toolbar to open Menu and click on ‘Settings’ in the menu.

It will take you to the browser’s Settings page. Click on ‘On start-up’ option in the left side panel.

From ‘On start-up’ settings screen, you can configure the page you want to see everytime you launch the browser. By default, it’s set to the ‘New tab’ option but you set it to open pages where you left off before or open a specific website/page.

To set a website or page you like as the homepage, check on the radio button beside ‘Open a specific page or pages’. Then click on the ‘Add a new page’ button.

Enter the website or webpage address in the URL box and click on the ‘Add’ button.

To check if the setting is working as expected, close the browser and reopen to see your choice of website or webpage as homepage.

How to Set Custom Website for Home Button

If you have the ‘Home’ button enabled in Edge, clicking on it, by default, takes you to the ‘New tab’ page of your browser. But, you can configure and set it to open a specific website/page as well.

To set a custom page to the Home button, click on the ‘Three-dot’ button on the toolbar to open the menu and then click on ‘Settings’.

In the settings page, click on ‘Appearance’ in the left hand side panel.

It will open Appearance settings. In the ‘Customise toolbar’ section, you will see home button settings.

Enter the website or webpage address in the URL box and click on the ‘Save’ button next to it.

Now everytime you click the Home button in Edge, it will directly take you to you custom webpage.