Microsoft Edge

Browser tabs

How to Sync Tabs Between Chrome, Edge, and Firefox

Ever been working on multiple browsers and wanted to sync tabs between them? We must have all been there. You…

Video player

How to Enable and View Videos in Picture in Picture on Edge Browser

Working on multiple tabs on Microsft Edge and want to view a video? Microsoft Edge has the solution for you…

Cookies Edge

How to Clear Cookies on Microsoft Edge

Cookies are text files used to track a user’s web activity. Whenever you visit a website, the webserver passes on…

Web Browser Kids Mode

How to Enable and Use Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge

The tool parents need to make internet a safer place for kids.

Web privacy

How to Delete History on iPhone

You can delete the history on all browsers on your iPhone or switch to Private/Incognito mode which does not keep history at all.

Domain address

How to Enable Blockchain Domains in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

Blockchain domains are the new digital assets that are fully under the owner’s control, unlike traditional domains which are regulated…

Pop up

How to Enable or Disable Pop-up Blocker in Microsoft Edge

Pop-ups are annoying. Some websites place advertisements as pop-ups and make your browsing experience confusing. Thankfully, almost every browser lets…

Edge Cache Clear

How to Clear Cache on Microsoft Edge

The websites you visit on the internet are made of hundreds and thousands of files. Those files load at once…

Microsoft Edge

How to Change or Set Home Page on Microsoft Edge

The first page that opens when you open a web browser is the homepage of your browser. The default homepage…

Block Websites

How to Block Websites on Microsoft Edge

You may find some websites inappropriate or their content not useful for consumption as you use the web. Also, you…

How to Stop Microsoft Edge from Opening at Startup

Everyone wants to optimize booting time. Many programs by default opens on the startup which makes booting slow. To keep…

Video Play Back Error

FIX: Error Code 224003 in Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Any Web Browser

Error code 224003 is faced when playing a video on the browser. It is a common error code and can…

Smart Copy Microsoft Edge

How to Use Smart Copy on Microsoft Edge

Effortlessly copy content that you find across the web without losing the formatting

Web Browser Error

FIX: Microsoft Edge Error Code 6 (Can’t Open this Page) on Mac

Just restart your Mac

Legacy Edge Browser

FIX: Microsoft Edge Keeps Closing (Not Launching) Problem

Update your Edge browser to the latest Chromium-based Edge to fix launching issues

Web page

How to Link to Text on a Web Page in Chrome and Edge

Create a link that automatically scrolls to a selected text on a webpage when opened in Chrome or Edge

How to Download Microsoft Editor Extension for Chrome and Edge

Grammar proof your English across the web

Show Icons in Favorites Bar Microsoft Edge

How to Show Icons Only for Sites in Favorites Bar on Microsoft Edge

Make room for more websites in the Favorites Bar on Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge Media Auto Playing

How to Stop Auto-Playing Videos on Websites in Microsoft Edge

Block Facebook and similar websites from auto-playing videos/ads when you only want browse the web in peace

Font Size

How to Increase Font Size in Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge provide an option to change the font size of the text for all websites you…