Midjourney is famous for being one of the best AI image generators, capable of creating high-quality realistic images using user-provided prompts. Having been trained on a selection of professional photographs, the generative AI tool can create incredible images that have completely transformed the creative industry. The platform is a leader in AI image generation and has established new standards for innovation and creativity.

Recently, it introduced a new 'Personalize' feature that makes it even easier to generate images using the platform. The Personalize feature allows users to generate images in their own unique creative styles since it lets Midjourney ignore the style biases that the AI model developed during training.

How does Personalization work?

Midjourney's new Personalization feature relies on a parameter (--p). This is a setting that lets users apply their unique artistic styles to the images generated by the AI model. You will need to toggle the --p parameter before you can personalize the images you want the platform to generate. Then you will be able to stylize them with vibrant and bold colors, muted and subtle tones, or other elements.

The parameter ranges from 0 to 1,000 and allows users to adjust the level of personalization they want easily. Before you can do that, however, you will need to train the AI so that it understands your artistic style and preferences and can replicate them. This process requires you to rank pairs of Midjourney images, selecting your favorite from each pair, helping the AI learn about your visual preferences.

Once you've ranked around 200 pairs of images, the model will have a fairly good idea of your artistic sensibilities. This will allow it to generate images that closely align with your tastes.

Additional Parameters for Fine-Tuning Images

In addition to the Personalization Parameter, Midjourney offers some other settings that let users fine-tune the AI-generated images even more. These allow you to control the image generation process at a granular level, so you end up with images that match your desired outcomes very closely.

Stylize Parameter: The Stylize parameter controls how much the default image sensibilities built into Midjourney affect the generated image. You can make adjustments to this parameter and choose whether you want the image to more closely follow the default style or your personal preferences. To use the Stylize parameter, add --s to your prompt and you can set it to any value between 0 and 1,000. The default value is 100.

Images generated with different Stylize parameter values. Source: Midjourney

Chaos Parameter: With the Chaos parameter, you can add some variation and diversity to the AI images generated by the platform. Increasing the Chaos values will lead to more unexpected and experimental results, so you can explore new creative ideas.

Style Reference Parameter: The Style Reference parameter lets users blend their personal preferences with established artistic styles. It lets them combine their unique ideas with preset styles, allowing for a wide range of artistic choices when generating images.

Generating images with the Personalize feature

To generate images using the new Personalize feature, you will have to toggle it on by adding --p to your prompt.

  1. If you're using Midjourney on Discord, log in to your account, go to the Midjourney server and go to a channel where you can generate images.
  2. Then, simply type it in after your prompt, like /imagine prompt a cat with a sunflower hat --p to use it.
  1. You can also enable it from the settings. Type /settings command in the prompt box and press enter twice.
  1. Then, enable 'Personalization' from the options.
  1. If you are using Midjourney web, click on the 'Controls' icon next to the Imagine bar and select 'On' next to Personalize.
  1. Now, Personalization will be enabled for all images you generate by default. Images you generate will be created in your personalized artistic style, depending on how well the AI model was trained in it.
  2. You can also use the --s Stylize parameter in Discord or the slider on the website to control how much effect your preferences have on the generated images.
  3. Once you've generated an image, you will get a unique personalization code, known as a shortcode that you can share with others. They can use the code to generate images and experiment with your artistic style, with the prompt --p yourshortcode.
  4. Similarly, you can use the personalization styles of other Midjourney users' shortcodes by adding them to your prompt. Just enter your prompt and use the --p theirshortcode to do so.
Note: While using the Midjourney website is easier, it is not available on mobile devices and you cannot access images generated using it on Discord. More importantly, you can only access it after generating a certain number of images using Discord.
Image generation with the Personalization feature on and off. Source: Midjourney

With the new Personalization feature, Midjourney is once again setting new standards regarding what is possible with AI image-generation tools. The new feature is a groundbreaking advancement and will permanently transform how AI-image tools are used.

However, to be able to generate images exactly as you want, a considerable amount of practice is required. You can adjust various parameters, increase or decrease the values, and otherwise experiment with the tool, which can provide some very stunning and inspirational images while helping you master the tool.