With iOS 18, Apple has cracked down on giving the users the ability to customize their iPhones, whether we're talking about the Home Screen, Lock Screen, or the Control Center. While not everyone is too happy with how closely these updates mimic the Android interface, others like the customization abilities they're finally getting.

With iOS 18, the Control Center is now a customization playground. You can rearrange the controls, resize them, and even have multiple groups of controls on multiple pages. Here's everything you need to know.

Note: At the time of this writing, iOS 18 is still in Developer Beta. The public beta will be available next month and the public update will be available later this fall, but you can install the Developer Beta right now if you want.

Customizing the Control Center

Control Center can no longer be customized from the Settings app in iOS 18. Instead, you can customize it from the Control Center itself.

  1. Open the 'Control Center' by swiping down from the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Then, just like with the Home Screen, tap and hold anywhere on the Control Center. You can also tap the '+' icon in the top-left corner.
  3. While the Control Center icons won't jiggle, you'll know that you've entered the editing mode as controls will become editable with the '-' icon in the top-left and a grabber (on some of them) in the bottom-right.
  4. You can drag and drop the controls to rearrange them.
  5. Tap '-' to remove a control.
  1. You can also resize a control by using the grabber at the bottom right and dragging it outside or inside.
  2. To add a new control, tap the 'Add a control' button.
  1. The new Controls gallery will open. Select the control you want to add.

    In the beta stage, the Controls gallery only involves controls from Apple apps and services. However, the tech giant has made a new Controls API for app developers, so third-party apps will be able to make controls for their apps for the Control Center as well.
  2. Now, the Control Center has multiple pages with different control groups that you can access from the icons on the right. You can also edit and rearrange these pages themselves.
  3. There can be 4 different pages in total. You can edit the controls on either page.
  4. To add a new page (if there is space), tap on the empty circle icon at the bottom or swipe through all the pages to the bottom. Then, you can add new controls to the group using the Controls gallery.

That's all you need to know about the customization of the Control Center in iOS 18. While there is potential for this to turn your Control Center into chaos, with some organization, you can stay on top of things. Especially with multiple pages in the Control Center, you can even have different groups of controls on different pages, like music playback controls on one, one page for your Home controls, etc.