Microsoft Word is one of the most advanced word processors. It offers a multitude of features to users. With so many features at hand, users may sometimes get lost and not utilize it to the full extent.

When we have to delete a page with text on it, we generally highlight the whole text and then remove it. However, there’s a simpler method available for the task. Another major problem faced by users is to delete a blank page at the end of the document. Now, most of the users know how to delete a page with text but not a blank one because paragraph marks and other formatting symbols are not displayed in the default view.

Deleting a Page on Microsoft Word

We will see how to delete both, a page with content and a blank page.

Deleting a Page with Content

Move the text cursor to the page you want to delete and then press CTRL + G to open the ‘Go To’ function. In the ‘Enter page number’ box, type \page and click on ‘Go To’.

All the contents of the page will be highlighted. Now close the ‘Go To’ function and press Delete to delete the page contents. As soon you delete the contents, the page will consequently be deleted.

The page is now deleted and you can check the same from the page count at the bottom left corner.

Deleting a Blank Page

Many a time, you may see a blank page at the end of the document and cannot delete it, since the conventional method of highlight text and delete, doesn’t work here. To delete a blank page, you need to enable the ‘Show/hide paragraph marks’.

To enable it, click on the ‘¶’ sign in the ‘Home’ tab taskbar.

You will now see all the paragraph marks, which are not visible in the default view. These paragraph marks lead to a blank page at the end of the document.

To delete the page, highlight all the paragraph marks on the page you want to delete. You cannot highlight a paragraph mark by holding and dragging the cursor from the right to left. To highlight one, either hold and drag it from left to right or double-click on it.

After selecting all the paragraph marks, press the Delete key.

The blank page is now deleted, and total page count will decrease by one.

You can now easily delete a page in Microsoft Word using the methods discussed above.