Microsoft Word

Note taking

How to Automatically Take Notes of Your Online Classes in Microsoft Word

Word has a great tool that’ll make it extremely easy to focus in class without worrying about the notes.

Microsoft Word

How to Change Language in Microsoft Word

A foolproof guide on how you can change the display language and the editing/authoring and proofing language on any version of Microsoft Word.

Dark Mode

How to Change Microsoft Word to Light Mode or Dark Mode

Learn how to personalize the theme and background of MS Word (Office apps) as well as how to switch between the ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ modes.

Wrap text around image

How to Wrap Text in Word

In this article, we have covered all the ways you can wrap text around an image in your Word documents.

Find and Replace

How to Find and Replace Text in Microsoft Word

In this tutorial, you can learn how to find and replace text, text with formatting, special characters, or non-breaking characters in Word.

Compare documents

How to Compare Documents in Microsoft Word

Use Microsoft Word’s ‘Compare’ feature to compare versions of a Word document to view their similarities and differences.

Mac keyboard shortcuts

100+ Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed up your Work

Microsoft Office is being used by over 1.2 billion people worldwide and Microsoft Word is the most widely used word…

Document editor

How to Remove Blank Lines in a Word Document

Microsoft Word has been the user’s go-to word processor for a long time now. It can be attributed to the…

Document header

How to Insert a Header on First Page Only in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word offers ample customizations to users to users which is one of the prime reasons behind its popularity. For…

Microsoft Word

How to Download and Save Images from a Word Document

3 quick and simple ways to download and save images from a Word document.

Microsoft Word

How to Turn Off Track Changes in Word

‘Track changes’ in Microsoft Word allows the user to trace any changes that are made to the article by others….


How to Convert a Word Document into a PowerPoint Presentation

Easily convert a Word document into a PowerPoint presentation by formatting the document with proper Headings to automatically create separate slides in the presentation.

Microsoft Word

How to Add a YouTube Video to Word

Have you ever been in a position where you weren’t able to express your emotions in words and knew of…


How to Create a Fillable Form in Word

Do you know that you can create fillable forms in Microsoft Word? There are features that let you create a…

Combine documents

How to Combine Word Documents

The common thing anyone does when they need to merge word documents is copying and pasting them into a single…


How to Make Columns in Word

Have you ever wondered how to write text in columns like magazines or books? If so, this article is for…

Page break

How to Remove Page Breaks in Word

Imagine yourself in a situation where you are typing something on a Word document and an automatic page break happened…

Microsoft Word

How to Remove Hyperlink in Word

Sometimes, when you copy and paste text from a webpage, they come with links embedded into them. These links are…


How to Do Subscript in Word

Subscripts are special characters that look smaller than the normal text. Writing a document with scientific equations or mathematical equations…


How to Change Margins in Word

Margins are the empty spaces between the content of a page and its edge. By default, the Word documents come…

Microsoft Word

How to Curve Text in Word

Normally, Word documents have basic formatting of text. To make some words stand out, you can make them bold, italic,…

Checkbox document

How to Insert a Checkbox in Word

To insert a checkbox in Microsoft Word, enable the ‘Developer’ tab from the File menu, and then select the checkbox option.

Hanging Indent

How to Do Hanging Indent on Word

You can do a Hanging Indent on Microsoft Word, using either the ‘Paragraph Dialog Box’ or the ‘Ruler’ option from the toolbar.