Google Docs, a word processor by Google, is one the best in the segment. You can use it to create and edit documents, along with all the features you get in other apps. You can access and edit your documents from any place and device with internet connectivity.

Docs offer you several editing options to make your content clear and appealing. One such feature we use every day in documents is subscript.

Formatting Subscript in Google Docs

If you want to have text in the subscript, you have two options, either change the format to subscript after writing or write in the subscript.

If you already have something written, which you want in subscript format, select the text to be put in subscript and go to the toolbar at the top.

Select ‘Format’ from the toolbar, click on ‘Text’ and then choose ‘Subscript’ from the menu.

The selected text will now be in subscript format.

Instead of changing the format of text to subscript, you can write in subscript in the first place. It’s a matter of personal choice as users find both the options equally simple and effective.

To write in subscript, place the cursor at the required point and select ‘Subscript’ from ‘Format’ options in the toolbar, or use the CTRL + , keyboard shortcut to quickly use Subscript.