iOS 17 is full of big updates, but that's no reason to let this update to Siri fly under the radar. Although smaller in comparison, it deserves its own spotlight. What's this update, you say?

Have you ever wished your virtual assistant could do more than one thing at a time? Do you ever find yourself saying, "Hey Siri, if you could just multitask like a busy mom on a Monday morning, that'd be great?" Well, hold onto your iPhones because your wish is iOS 17's command!

Give Siri Back-to-Back Requests

Say goodbye to the times when you had to reactivate Siri every time if you wanted her to handle more than one request at a time. With iOS 17, Siri's become a lot more capable. Multiple Siri commands are available in English (Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, U.S.) on iPhone 11 and later. That means users with iPhones XS, XS Max, and XR are out of luck.

It's extremely simple to give multiple commands to Siri. The key is to give them one after the other and not within a single command using words like "and" or "also".

For example, you can say, "Siri, text Bob, I'm on my way," followed by, "Set a reminder for my dentist appointment at 3 PM." It'll follow the instructions flawlessly without you having to invoke Siri again for the next command. And hey, we're not stopping at two commands. Siri, being the overachiever it is, can handle multiple commands now. So, get ready to sweat it out without any annoying interruptions.

But don't go saying, "Siri, text Bob, but also remind me about the dentist, and oh yeah, I need to buy milk." Siri will get confused and end up texting Bob about your dentist appointment and milk. And trust me, Bob doesn't care about your dental hygiene or dairy needs.

Oh, and that's another thing: Siri's makeover in iOS 17 also comes with another significant change. Noticed how I didn't write "Hey" in the previous example?

You can now drop the "Hey" and just say "Siri" to activate it. And if you find it hard to drop the "Hey" out of sheer habit, don't worry; "Hey Siri" will work too. However, this update is available only in English (Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, U.S.) on iPhone and AirPods Pro (2nd generation). That means you'll have to stick with "Hey Siri" on other headphones and in other languages.

There you have it, folks! Siri is now a multitasking maestro in iOS 17. Go ahead, try giving Siri multiple commands at once, and watch as your digital life gets that much easier.