Call of Duty: Mobile is now available for iOS and Android devices. But if you’d like to play it on a PC, the folks over at Gameloop have got you covered. The service is an Android emulation platform that lets you play Android games on PC, and they have already configured a playable environment for COD: Mobile for Windows users.

To get started, visit Gameloop in a browser on your PC and hit the big yellow download button on the page to get the COD: Mobile PC installer by Gameloop.

Download COD: Mobile installer by Gameloop for Windows PCs

The COD: Mobile installer by Gameloop will download on your PC with a file name “com.activision.callofduty.shooter_xxxxxxxxx_NormalPackage_xxxx.exe”.

Double-click /run the installer file, then on the Call of Duty: Mobile window, click the download button to install the game on your PC.

Click the Download button for COD: Mobile in Gameloop installer

When the game finishes downloading, you’ll get the following screen with a “Play Now” button. Click on it to launch COD: Mobile on your PC.

Hit the “Play Now” to launch the game on your PC

Call of Duty: Mobile PC Controls

Gameloop has pre-configured the COD: Mobile for PC with a basic first-person shooter profile to control player movements with WASD and down sight aiming with a mouse.

  • Use the W A S D keys on the keyboard to move the player.
  • Use mouse to control view.
  • Right-click on mouse to aim down sight.
  • Left-click to fire.
  • Press ~ on keyboard to lock/unlock cursor
Call of Duty Mobile PC Controls by Gameloop

Use the F key for interactive variables such as deploying parachute, opening and closing doors, picking up items, getting in and out of vehicles, and rescuing a teammate.

Press F key to skydive, open/close doors and pick up items

⌨ Full controls list for COD: Mobile on PC

WASDMove player
Left ClickFire
Deploy Shield
Pitch Up
Right ClickAim
Cancel Bow Draw
Pitch Down
Hold to Prone
Hold to Slide (while running)
3Stun Grenade
Frag Grenade
5Nova Gas
Smoke Grenade
8First Aid Kit
`Mouse Lock Switch
FOpen Doors
Pick Up
Deploy Parachute

Play in Full Screen

To play the game in full screen, click the full screen icon on the right panel of the emulator screen.

Launching COD Mobile in full screen on PC

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