Google Docs, a web-based word processor released in 2006, has been the user’s go-to program for the last couple of years. It offers a multitude of features to users which aids in creating multiple types of documents.

Google Docs helps you make brochures, both using a built-in template or by customizing other tools and functions. If you create a brochure by customizing other functions, it can get tricky to ideate and place the text and stickers, therefore only proceed if you are willing to invest time.

There are multiple kinds of brochures that you can make on Google Docs, the two most common ones being two-page and three-fold brochures. You can create a two-page brochure using the template on Google Docs while the other one can be created by inserting a table.

Making a Two Page Brochure on Google Docs

A two-page brochure can be simply created since there is a template available for it on Google Docs. To make a brochure, you just need to make edits to it and not create a new one from scratch as is the case with the three-fold brochure.

Open and then click on ‘Template Gallery’ at the top-left corner.

Scroll down to the ‘Work’ section, and then select either of the available brochure templates. Google Docs currently offers only two templates, ‘Modern Writer’ and ‘Geometric’. We will select the ‘Geometric’ brochure template for this article.

You will now see a basic template of the two-page brochure. Next, add your company name and address in the top section after removing the text. The next section is to add the brochure title and date.

Also, you can customize the headings and text by using the various available options in the toolbar like changing font size, color, and style. The product overview is the next section in the brochure which contains the product details. You should always remember that people only move to the second page of the brochure if the first page interests them, therefore your focus should be on making it alluring and concise.

Next, you have an image in the brochure which you can either delete or replace with another one related to the topic. To replace the image, right-click on it, select ‘Replace image’ from the context menu and then chose the appropriate option from the list to upload an image.

As already discussed, this is a two-page brochure and the second page contains all the details pertaining to the topic at hand. You can replace the text already in place and add the relevant content that the readers might like.

A two-page brochure is easy to create since you have a pre-set format and just have to do basic editing to it. It doesn’t take much time of yours and is visually appealing and attractive at the same time.

Making a Three-Fold Brochure on Google Docs

Users who want to create something that will have a long-lasting impression on readers and have time to spare can certainly opt for the three-fold brochure. A three-fold brochure is one that is created by folding the sheet into three equal parts. It has text printed on both sides of the page so as to share maximum information in minimum space.

The first change that you should make to the document is to change the orientation to ‘Landscape’. To change, click on the ‘File’ menu at the top-left corner.

Select ‘Page setup’ from the list of options in the drop-down menu.

Now, click on the checkbox right behind ‘Landscape’, change all four margins to 0.25 and then click on ‘OK’ at the bottom to apply the changes.

Next, place the text cursor at the top of the page and then click on the ‘Insert’ menu in the ribbon.

Next, select ‘Table’ from the drop-down menu and click on the third square in the first row to create a 3×1 table.

After you click to insert a table, it looks like the one in the image below. You now have to enlarge it so that it covers both pages. Place the cursor inside any of the columns and then proceed to the next step.

Repeatedly press ENTER until the table extends to the bottom of the second page.

You now have a three-fold brochure template ready with the first page being the outside cover and the second one being the inside page. As we discussed earlier, a three-fold brochure needs a lot of visualizing and ideating in order to be successfully made. You can, however, take a sheet of paper and fold it according to the brochure to have a rough idea of the concept. This will certainly help in visualizing and creating an actual brochure on Google Docs.

Once you have a fair idea, start working on the brochure in Google Docs. You can insert images to the brochure, add customized text, change the background settings or draw in it.

Adding an Image to Google Docs

Place the cursor where you want to add the image, click on ‘Insert’, select ‘Image’ from the drop-down menu and then select the appropriate option from the list of options. Next, add the image to the appropriate section in the brochure and resize it accordingly.

Next, change the background color to something that appeals to the readers and is catchy. Add the relevant text, customize them to enhance the appeal, and add a few images to it. Adding images to the brochure keeps readers engaged and tends to help them get a better grasp of the concept.

Removing the Table Outline

Once you are done with the brochure, the next step is to remove the table outlines before you print them.

To remove the table outline, place the text cursor anywhere inside the table and then right-click on it.

Next, click on the box under ‘Table border’, select ‘0 pt’ from the drop-down menu and then click on ‘OK’ at the bottom to apply the changes.

The brochure is now complete and you can print and share it with others. When creating a brochure, always invest enough time and try to bring out the best in you as it can do wonders.