Google Docs, a web-based word processor, is extensively used by many people. It helps users create and edit documents on the go and even organize the docs into folders for convenience.

Creating a folder on Google Docs helps you easily toggle between documents rather than going back to the drive where the documents were initially stored. However, you should not add all the files in a single folder, rather try to categorize them in folders or subfolders.

Making a Folder on Google Docs

Open a document in Google Docs and click on the folder icon near the top-left corner to make a folder in Google Docs.

Next, click on the ‘New Folder’ icon at the bottom of the box that pops-up.

Enter the name of the folder in the text box at the top. Always enter a name that is related to the document or the category to help identify it in future.

Next, click on the tick sign at right next to the top box to create the new folder in My Drive.

The folder has now been created and you can now start adding files to it.

Adding Documents and Files to a Folder on Google Docs

You can add both files and folders to the folder you just created on Google Docs. When you add a folder to it, it becomes a sub-folder, which helps organize files and eases accessibility.

To add files to a folder, click on the ‘Open folder in a new tab’ icon. This will open the folder in a new tab on your Google Drive. You can also add the current document to the folder by clicking on ‘Move here’ at the bottom of the folder. Since the folder is in Google Drive, many people prefer adding the current document to it for accessibility.

Next, either drag and drop the files to the folder or click on the ‘New’ icon at the top-left corner.

When you click on the ‘New’ icon at the top, you will see a list of options to choose from. If you want to create a sub-folder, click on the first option, i.e. Folder. To upload a file from your system, click on ‘File upload’ and click on ‘Folder upload’ to upload a folder. You can also add various web-based Google Editors by selecting the relevant option from the list.

You can similarly add more files and folders and organize them efficiently for ease of accessibility. When working with a lot of documents, making a folder on Google Docs helps save a lot of time which is spent toggling between multiple tabs and windows