Stickers are small illustrations that convey an emotion or action through animation in messages. They are fun and make people laugh. Stickers are the messaging trend right now, with nearly all messaging apps adding support for them.

Telegram offers numerous sticker packs through various channels, where you can download and install stickers. Once the sticker packs installed, they integrate themselves into your telegram app and will appear as options along with emojis. You can then add them to messages and send them as you like.

Plus, Telegram lets you create your own ‘Telegram Sticker Packs’ as well with the help of a sticker bot on the app. Let’s see how you can create your own stickers and share them with your friends and family.

How to Create Your Own Stickers on Telegram

Requirements for Creating Stickers on Telegram

First, you need a Telegram account, if you don’t have it, create one. Then you need image/images in PNG format. The image must be 512 x 512 pixels in size with a transparent background.

Preparing the Image for Stickers

To create really cool stickers, the first thing you need to do is remove the background of the image. You can use the eraser tool in your preferred image editing application or you can use online tools like to remove the background.

Next, you need to resize/crop the original image to fit into 512 x 512 pixels square. Once that is done save the image in less than 512 KB size, and if you can’t reduce the size, you can use some image compression tool.

Create Your Own Sticker with Telegram stickers bot

Open the Telegram app and type ‘@stickers’ on the search box and select the first channel named ‘Sticker’ from the search result. This is the Sticker Bot that helps you create, edit, and delete your stickers.

Click ‘Start’ to start the conversation. It gives you a list of commands to control the bot. You can either type the command or simply tap on any command and it will respond.

Now tap on ‘/newpack’ to create a new pack and it will ask you for a name for the pack. You should choose a name for your stickers packs. This name will be visible to anyone who sees your stickers. For example, we are giving the name ‘Tom&Jerry’ to the pack.

Once I send a name for the pack, the bot will ask to send the image file in PNG or WEBP format with a transparent layer and that image must fit into a 512×512 square. To add image files, tap on the ‘attach’ icon and choose images from your gallery. It is recommended to use the Desktop Telegram app when uploading the images.

In the next step, the bot will ask you to send an emoji that best represents your sticker, which will be linked to your sticker. You can find detailed emoji meanings on sites like What Emoji and Emojipedia.

You can add several emojis but it is recommended to use one or two emojis only. In the future, when you use that particular emoji in a conversation, you will be suggested to send this associated sticker with it.

After you send the emoji, you must publish the sticker pack before you can start using it. Tap the ‘/publish’ command to publish the sticker.

Now, you will be asked to send a 100×100 size image to set it as an icon for your sticker pack. You can choose to add it or tap the ‘/skip’ and the bot will set the first sticker of the pack as its icon.

Then it will ask you to pick a short name for the pack which the bot will use to create a link for sharing.

For example, we gave the name ‘TomJerryRN’ to the pack. Then, you will get a message with a link saying that the pack has been published. You can then use that link to add the sticker pack to your account and share it with anyone you want.

You can cancel your process anytime you want with the ‘/cancel’ command. Then you can type and send anything and you will always get the opening message with commands. You can further customize your pack or create, edit, and delete stickers using the given commands.

That’s it. Now anyone with your pack your link can add your stickers to their collection and start to enjoy them.