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What does Clicking and Dragging the Fill Handle in Excel do?

The fill handle copies the same values, formulas, or fills a series of dates, texts, numbers, and other data to a desired number of cells.

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How to Find Circular References in Excel

One of the most common error warnings users encounter in Excel is the ‘Circular Reference’. Thousands of users have the…

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How to Delete Empty Rows in Excel

Simple ways you can use to delete empty rows in Excel spreadsheets in one go

Sort alphabetically in Excel

How to Alphabetize in Excel

This guide will show you how to alphabetize in Excel using the Sort and Filter feature, and formulas to arrange and format the data in order.

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How to Unprotect an Excel Sheet or Workbook With or Without Password

Password protection in Microsoft Excel is often used in workplaces to protect important data. Microsoft Excel allows users to protect…

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How to Separate Names in Excel

In Excel, it is very easy to split first, middle, and last names that appear in the same column into separate columns by using different ways.

What If Analysis

How to Use Goal Seek in Excel

Goal Seek is one of Excel’s What-if Analysis tools that helps you to find the correct input value of a…

JSON to Excel

How to Convert Json to Excel

If you have data stored in a JSON file that you would like to convert into an Excel file, you can import it into Excel using Power Query.

Bar and line graph

How to Make a Bar Graph in Excel

A bar graph (also known as a bar chart) is a graphical representation of data as horizontal bars along two…


How to Group Worksheets in Excel

You can easily group worksheets in Excel, so you do not have to waste your time and work on them individually.


How to Make a Line Graph in Excel

This article explains how to make and format a line graph in Excel to show trends or track data across multiple time periods.


How to Strikethrough in Excel

Strikethrough (a.k.a strikeout) is a horizontal line drawn through the center of the text, often used to indicate a revision…

Duplicate Data

How to Highlight Duplicates in Excel

When you are working with large quantities of data, it’s easy to lose track of data and see them appear…

Search sheet

How to Search in All Sheets in Google Sheets

Google sheets is a great alternative spreadsheet application to the heavyweight Microsoft Excel. It is a free, cloud-based application whereas…

Excel Formula

How to Copy a Formula in Excel

Learn how to copy formula to multiple cells, down a column, to non-adjacent cells, copy formulas with absolute or mixed cell references, etc.

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How to Convert Time to Decimal in Excel

Convert time to decimal in Excel – by using arithmetic calculations or CONVERT function or Excel Time functions (HOUR, MINUTE, and SECOND).

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How to Convert Text to Date in Excel

There are many ways to convert dates formatted as text into actual dates in Excel and this tutorial aims to explore them all.

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How to Convert Text to Number in Excel

There are five different ways you can convert numbers that are formatted as text into actual numbers in Excel.

Gauge Chart

How to Create Gauge Chart in Excel

Since Excel doesn’t offer built-in support for Gauge Chart/Speedometer, you need to create one by combining a doughnut chart and a pie chart.

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How to Use COUNTIF in Excel

Excel COUNTIF function allows you to count the number of cells that meet specific criteria or conditions in the given range.


How to Get Today’s Date in Excel

Use TODAY and NOW function to get dynamic current date and time, and use keyboard shortcuts to get static date and time.