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Percentage Change

How to Calculate Percent Change in Excel [Formula]

This tutorial shows you how to calculate percentage change between numbers, columns, rows as well as percentage increase and decrease in Excel.

Focus Mode Terminal

How to Enable or Disable (Exit) Focus Mode in Windows Terminal

This tutorial will show you how to exit or disable the Focus mode using the command palette, settings, or shortcut keys in Windows Terminal.

Command Prompt

How to Use Windows Terminal Keyboard Shortcuts

Know all essential Windows Terminal Keyboard shortcuts and tips to create custom key bindings.


How to Update Minecraft in Windows 11

Minecraft should update automatically, but if it doesn’t work, then there are a few different ways to check for updates manually.

Minecraft lava rock

How to Get Minecraft on Windows 11

This post shows you how to download and install Minecraft Bedrock (Minecraft for Windows 10) and Minecraft Java Edition on Windows 11.

Compress File

How to Use 7 Zip in Windows 11

Let’s see how to use 7-Zip in Windows 11 including, installing 7-Zip, compressing, extracting, and encrypting files and folders using 7-Zip.

Computer screen brightness

How to Change Brightness on Windows 11

Ten different ways to increase or decrease the brightness for your display in Windows 11.

Computer IP Address

How to Find IP Address in Windows 11

This post will show you the seven different ways to find your Public IP and/or Private IP address in Windows 11.


How to Fix Broken Registry Items in Windows 11

If your Windows 11 PC is having issues with broken or corrupted registry items, then these 10 different methods will help you fix them.

Computer Admin Account

How to Change Administrator on Windows 11

Let’s see how to change the account type from a Standard user to an Administrator and vice versa in 5 different ways on Windows 11.

Computer username

How to Change Username in Windows 11

Learn how to change username in six different ways in Windows 11.

File Explorer Menu

How to Get Classic Context Menu of File Explorer Back in Windows 11

🔔 Important Update:As of Windows 11 build 10.0.22000.71, none of the below-mentioned tricks work anymore to get the old context…

Microsoft Excel Logo

How to Add Leading Zeros in Excel

This tutorial covers the different methods to add or keep leading zeros as well as remove leading zeros in Excel.

Task Manager

How to Open Task Manager in Windows 11

Let’s see how to quickly open Windows 11 Task Manager from the Start menu, or pin Task Manager to the Taskbar, or create a shortcut for it on Desktop.

Keyboard Shortcut

Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts

150+ Windows 11 Keyboard shortcuts to make your Windows 11 experience faster and more productive.

File Sharing

How to Share Files in Google Chat

Google Chat allows users to share documents and files from Google Drive or the local computer to individuals, groups, and chat rooms.

Wrap text around image

How to Wrap Text in Word

In this article, we have covered all the ways you can wrap text around an image in your Word documents.

Microsoft Excel Logo

How to Use Less Than or Equal to Operator in Excel

You can use the ‘less than or equal to (<=)’ operator with text, date, and number as well as with Excel functions to compare values in Excel.

Find and Replace

How to Find and Replace Text in Microsoft Word

In this tutorial, you can learn how to find and replace text, text with formatting, special characters, or non-breaking characters in Word.

Compare documents

How to Compare Documents in Microsoft Word

Use Microsoft Word’s ‘Compare’ feature to compare versions of a Word document to view their similarities and differences.

Mac keyboard shortcuts

100+ Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed up your Work

Microsoft Office is being used by over 1.2 billion people worldwide and Microsoft Word is the most widely used word…