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How to Use Rainmeter on Windows 11

The ultimate guide for installing and using the Rainmeter app to customize your Windows 11 Desktop Experience.

How to Remove Windows 11 System Apps Using PowerShell

The ultimate guide to uninstalling system apps using PowerShell on Windows 11

How to Remove Search Bar from Taskbar on Windows 11

If you don’t like the new big search box on the Windows 11’s taskbar, here’s how you can disable or hide it.

How to Make Everything Smaller in Windows 11

If you feel your Windows UI is too big for your taste, here’s how you can make everything smaller.

How to Clear Search History on Windows 11

An in-depth guide for clearing the Search history, File Explorer search history, recommended history, and Windows activity on Windows 11.

Windows 11 Screenshot Shortcuts: Everything You Need to Know

The ultimate guide to Windows 11 Screenshot shortcuts

How to Fix Windows 11 Screen Flickering Issue

The ultimate guide to help you fix a flickering screen in Windows 11

How to Middle Click on Laptop Touchpad in Windows 11

If you are a fan of middle-click on the mouse, follow this guide to enable middle-click on your laptop touchpad

Computer Update Error

How to Fix “User Profile Service failed the sign-in” Error in Windows 11

everything you need to know to fix the “The user profile service failed the sign-in. User profile cannot be loaded” error in Windows 11.

How to Transfer Files to WSA Storage on Windows 11

Transfer files from Windows 11 to WSA storage and vice versa using the ADB command line tool or Android apps.

How to Change Real Time Performance Updates in Task Manager on Windows 11

Easily increase, decrease, or pause the Real time performance updates speed in Task Manager to monitor them better

How to Disable Web Content Suggestions and Search Highlights in Search on Windows 11

Declutter your Search menu on Windows 11

How to Fix 0x80004005 Error on a Windows 11 PC

30 different troubleshooting methods to handle the “Error 0x80004005: Unspecified Error” in Windows 11 in all situations

How to Install Optional Features in Windows 11

Here’s how you can install optional features and components in Windows 11 to extend your computer’s functionality.

Blue Screen of Death Windows 11 PC

27 Ways to Fix ‘System Service Exception Error’ in Windows 11

Everything you need to know about fixing the SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION Blue Screen Error on your Windows PC.

Tray icons

How to Hide System Tray Overflow Menu from Taskbar on Windows 11

Increase Taskbar space by hiding system tray overflow menu and all the app icons in the Taskbar notification area.

How to Use Microsoft PC Manager to Boost your PC’s Performance on Windows 11 and 10

It might be time to kick third-party PC cleaners to the curb

How to Uninstall Java on windows 11

Uninstall Java if you have no use for it to free up disk space, stop notifications, and improve your system security.

How to Fix Sysprep Was Not Able to Validate Error on Windows 11

These fixes will solve the issue and get things working like clockwork in no time

How to Make a Shared Google Calendar

Google Calendar lets you share calendars with others so that you can easily see what everyone’s doing and plan accordingly.

How to Use Linux Terminal in Windows 11

The Ultimate Guide for installing and using Linux environment (including bash, Linux apps, Linux desktop, and more) on Windows 11 with WSL.


How to Download and Use Open Shell on Windows 11

Bring back the classic Start Menu and Taskbar to Windows 11 using Open Shell.

Computer Update Error

FIX: Windows 11 Couldn’t Install Update Because of a Date & Time Problem

Follow these 4 methods to fix the “We couldn’t install updates because there’s a problem with the date and time” error on Windows 11 Update.

Browser Tabs

How to Use Tabbed File Explorer in Windows 11 ‘Moment 1’ Update

Everything you need to know about tabbed File Explorer in Windows 11.