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How to View Saved Passwords in Chrome on Android Phones

Easily view, access, edit, delete, and export saved passwords through Google Chrome on Android.

How to Use Tor Browser on Windows 11

Want to protect your identity and surf privately? Here’s everything you need to know about using Tor Browser on Windows 11.

How to Manually Configure a VPN in Windows 11

Here’s everything you need to know about manually configuring, connecting, and disconnecting a VPN connection on Windows 11.

How to Backup Windows 11 to an External Drive

Backing up your Windows to an external drive can be rather helpful. Here’s how you can do it in Windows 11.

Microsoft Excel Logo

How to Use Quick Analysis Tool in Excel

Use the Quick Analysis Tool in Excel to quickly analyze and visualize your data with charts, tables, sparklines, formatting, etc.

Microsoft Excel

How to Calculate Standard Deviation in Excel

Be a pro and use this guide to calculate Standard Deviation in Excel in a jiffy.

News Feed Computer

How to Disable News in Windows 11 Widgets

If you don’t like the news widgets on your Windows 11 PC, here are all the ways you can easily get rid of them.

Microsoft Excel Logo

How to Use Descriptive Statistics in Excel

Calculate descriptive statistics for your data using the Data Analysis tool as well as Formulas in Excel.

How to Enable Hidden Features in Windows 11

Enable hidden features or upcoming features in Windows 11 using a free open-source tool called ViVeTool.

Computer Login

How to Automatically Login to a Windows 11 PC After it Boots

Are you tired of typing a password, or PIN, or using other sign-in methods every time? If so, here’s how you can now log in to Windows 11 automatically.

How to Use Strikethrough Shortcuts in Microsoft Word

Here are all the ways you can use strikethrough to cross out text in your MS Word document.

Fix PC

How to Fix Corrupted Files on Windows 11

Fix corrupted Windows installation files that might be breaking your PC, causing errors and crashes, or even BSOD.

Uninstall App

How to Uninstall Apps on Windows 11

The ultimate guide to uninstalling apps on Windows 11.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts

Complete list of shortcuts for efficiently using Microsoft Teams on Windows, Web, and Mac.

Excel Formula

How to Display Cell Formulas in Excel

If you need to print a worksheet with formulas or keep track of the formulas, then learn how to show formulas in Excel instead of the values.

Microsoft Word Logo

How to Insert or Type Degree Symbol In Microsoft Word

If you don’t know how to insert the degree (°) symbol in Word, here in this guide, we will show you the 7 different ways to insert it.

Table of Content

How to Create a Table of Contents in Microsoft Word

Everything you need to know about creating a Table of Contents in Microsoft Word for easy navigation and readability of your documents.

Microsoft Word

How to Get a Character Count in Microsoft Word

Learn the 7 different ways to get the count of characters/words in your Word document.

Edit image

How to Change Image Color in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Change the color of an image by customizing color saturation, tone, recolor, and transparent color options in Microsoft Office apps.

Keyboard Arrow Keys

How to Fix Arrow Keys Not Working In Excel Problem

If your arrow keys are not functioning within Excel, you can use the tips in this troubleshooting guide to solve the issue.

Spell Check

How to Fix Microsoft Word Spell Check Not Working Issue

If spell check (Spelling and Grammar tool) isn’t working in Microsoft Word, there are several ways to troubleshoot the issue.

Rotate Text

How to Rotate Text in Excel

Learn how to rotate text clockwise, counterclockwise, vertical, up, down, or by a specific degree of angle in Excel.

Highlight Alternate Rows Excel

How to Highlight Every Other Row in Excel

Learn how to highlight every other row or column using conditional formatting, built-in table styles, formulas, and VBA macro in Excel.

Document Reader

How to Use Microsoft Word Read Aloud Feature

Everything you need to know about the Read Aloud feature in Microsoft Word, Word Online, and Word Mobile.