With thousands and thousands of apps available at our fingertips, there is a high probability that your iPhone screen is a mess. If it takes you more than a few seconds to find an app, you need to declutter your screen right now and efficiently organize your apps.

There are a few tips and tricks that highly productive people use while organizing their phone screens.

Put Most Used Apps on the Home Screen

One of the simplest, and yet the most powerful trick is to put your most frequently used apps on the home screen. Your home screen is always just a couple of clicks (or, swipes if your iPhone doesn’t have a home button). And no matter what screen you are on, you can go to your home screen in a matter of seconds. As there can be a number of screens on your iPhone (up to 15), this trick can make your life easier. Another trick is to place the most used app towards the bottom of the screen and towards edges as these spots are the most accessible spots on your screen via your thumb.

How to Arrange Apps on iPhone

If you a total newbie to iPhone, know that arranging apps on an iPhone is pretty easy. Just hold an app until a menu appears, then select the Edit Home Screen option. Or ignore the menu and keep holding the app for a couple more seconds, and your apps will start to jiggle.

You can then drag them to arrange however you like. When you’re done, simply tap “Done” or press the Home button on your iPhone.

Group Your Apps into Folders

Another trick to have up your sleeve while organizing your apps is to create folders for your Apps. You can group your apps into folders by theme or usage. Create a folder for all your Social Networking apps, and another for Food Delivery Apps. You can also sort your folders based on any other preference that suits you the most. Some users sort them by colors, and hey! if it works for them, it works for them.

To create folders on iPhone, press and hold the app until it starts to jiggle. Then drag that app onto another app and hold it there until iPhone creates a folder. It will also name it by default based on the types of apps in that folder.

A folder named Entertainment containing apps with similar usage.

You can also rename the folder whatever you want. When the screen is in editing mode, i.e. the apps are jiggly, tap on the folder name and you will be able to edit it.

You can rename the folder from here.

Create Folders in the Dock

Another handy trick is to make the most use of the dock on your iPhone. It is the most valuable real estate on your iPhone as you can access it from all pages on the home screen, so use it wisely. For those who don’t know, the “dock” is the bottom part of your screen, which has up to 4 slots and it is accessible from every screen. Keep your most important apps on the dock so you can access them in a single go.

You can also create folders in the dock to have quick access to more than just four apps. But when creating a folder in the dock, there is a quick tip you need to keep in mind. While creating a folder, if both the apps are already on the dock, you will need to first move one of the apps out of the dock, create a folder and move the folder back to the dock. For some reason, folder creation doesn’t work with both the apps present on the dock. But once the folder is created, then the apps from the dock can be moved to the folder in the dock.

Important Apps and Folders in the Dock.

Suppose you have both Phone and Mail apps present in the dock. And you try to create a folder by placing one over the other. It wont work unless you move one app out of the dock first. So if you move Phone out of the dock, then the folder can be created. And once a folder is created and placed in the dock, you can move other apps from the dock to that folder.

Use App Widgets

iPhone also has widgets that allow you to open recently used apps using Siri App Suggestions. They also help you perform small actions without having to open an app or quickly open an app, hence saving a lot of time. You can access all your favorites, make notes and much more. Widgets are accessible by swiping left from your Home screen, Lock screen, or the Notification center.

You can also add, delete, or arrange your widgets according to your preferences. To edit your widgets, scroll to the bottom of the screen after opening the widget screen and tap Edit.

You can remove widgets by tapping the minus (-) button, add more widgets by tapping the plus (+) button, and also rearrange them using the bars on the right edge of each widget so they will appear in your preferred order.

Removing and reordering widgets on iPhone

Other apps on your iPhone which supports widgets will appear under the “More widgets” section. Tap the plus ‘+’ sign to add any widget to your active widgets list.

Adding widgets on iPhone

Use Launch Center Pro App

You can also use organizational apps like the Launch Center Pro App to make your life easier. It allows you to trim complex tasks down to two simple taps. You can message, call, search the web, mail, listen to podcasts, all from one single app. It is like a speed dial for apps. You can not just launch the messaging app, but the In-App Messaging feature actually allows you to create an action to message the person.

It also allows you to create additional widgets for apps that are not available in the widget app store. You can customize what actions to have in the widget from the Launch Center App. You can add an action for messaging a certain person, launching an app such as Spotify, or Instagram, or perform additional actions instead of just launching the app such as Playing Your Playlist in Spotify or Opening the Camera in Instagram in just a single tap.

Widget by the Launch Center App on the Widget Screen

In addition to that, you can add actions to the Quick Actions that allow you to perform certain actions in just a single tap. Hold the icon for the Launch Center App to launch the Quick Actions menu, and you will find the Quick Action widget that allows you to perform multi-step actions in just a single tap. You can also add it to the widget screen by tapping the “Add Widget” option.

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