Sometimes, when you copy and paste text from a webpage, they come with links embedded into them. These links are of no use to your document. The links in the document will be highlighted in blue color font and underlined.

You can remove the hyperlinks easily and blend them with other text in the document. Let’s see how you can remove hyperlinks in a Word document.

Changing the Paste Settings to Remove Hyperlink

You can always remove the hyperlink after pasting the text in your document, but many users prefer to change the paste settings to remove altogether before pasting in the document.

After you have copied text along with the hyperlink from the web or another document, click on the downward-facing triangle under ‘Paste’ icon in the toolbar.

Next, select the ‘Keep text only’, the last option in the drop-down menu. The pasted content will now only be in text format with the hyperlinks removed.

Remove a Single Hyperlink

To get started, open a word document you need to remove hyperlinks from. Place the cursor on the text with hyperlink and right-click on it. Then, click on ‘Remove Hyperlink’ from the context menu.

The text with hyperlink will now look normal like the other text in the document.

Remove All Hyperlinks from a Document

Removing one hyperlink at a time takes a lot of time if a document has several hyperlinks embedded into it. There is a way to remove all the hyperlinks from the document at once.

To do so, highlight all the content of the documents by pressing Ctrl+A on your keyboard.

Now, press Ctrl+Shift+F9 on your keyboard. It will remove all the hyperlinks from the document and make your text look normal.

Turning Off Automatic Hyperlinks

There may be a situation where you are typing in a document and a hyperlink is created accidentally. You can turn off a feature and stop Word from creating automatic hyperlinks.

To turn off automatic hyperlinks, click on ‘File’ at the top-left corner in the ribbon.

You will see ‘File’ menu. Click on ‘Options’ from the menu.

It will open ‘Word Options’ dialog box. Click on ‘Proofing’ from the sidebar of the dialog box.

You will see ‘AutoCorrect options’ and many Proofing features. Click on the ‘AutoCorrect Options…’ button.

The ‘AutoCorrect’ dialog box will appear. Click on ‘AutoFormat As You Type’ tab.

In the ‘Replace as you type’ section, uncheck the box beside ‘Internet and network paths with hyperlinks’

After unchecking the box, click on ‘OK’ at the bottom of ‘AutoCorrect’ dialog box. After its closure, click on ‘OK” at the bottom of ‘Word Options’ dialog box.

From now on, you will never see hyperlinks happen automatically while typing documents.