Zoom is everywhere these days. From office team meetings to virtual family get-togethers, everything is happening on Zoom. With the increasing demand, Zoom also added some fun features along with security features. One such cool feature is ‘virtual background’. In fact, Zoom is the first video calling service to add this feature with others following the suite.

Zoom even lets you use videos and GIFs as virtual backgrounds in meetings. You can either use the default videos provided by zoom or add your own. Background video is a great way to hide your messy room or add some fun to your hangout. Here is how you can add a video as your virtual background on Zoom desktop app.

Open the Zoom app and sign in to your account. Click on the ‘Settings’ gear icon on the top right corner.

In the ‘Settings’ window, click on the ‘Virtual Background’ tab on the left side of the window.

To set a video background in Zoom, click on a thumbnail marked with a ‘📹’ icon (see image below). Zoom provides a couple of videos itself in the app, but you can add your own videos too.

Select the desired video

To add your own video backgrounds, click on the ‘+’ button above the thumbnails area and select ‘Add Video’ option.

Click on ‘Add Video’

Select a video saved on your computer when prompted to ‘Choose a background video’ in a File Explorer window. The video should be of MP4 or MOV format with a minimum resolution of 360p and a maximum resolution of 1080p.

Select the video and click on ‘open’

Note: The first time you select a video/photo background, you will be prompted to download the ‘Smart Virtual Background Package’. Click on the ‘Download’ button in the dialog box.

Click on ‘Download’

The selected video will be added to virtual background section in Zoom app. You may have to ‘Log out’ and ‘Login’ to your account if you can’t find the video you just added.

Cool Zoom Background Videos You May Like

Alternatively, you can also download many royalty-free videos from various sources. Here are some of the best we found for Zoom calls of all types. Click the video to play it.

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A messy abstract for when you just want to hide the real mess in the room | Download

Note: The background adjusts itself when you move, but it might take a few seconds to adjust in case of a major movement. Avoid wearing clothing of the same colour as the virtual background because it can mess up your appearance by merging with the background.