Google Lens back when launched in 2017, was only available for Pixel devices. However, down the road, Google made it available for everybody and it took people by a storm. Google Lens never failed to awestruck its regular users with the things it could do, and always kept geeks busy to take a peek under its hood.

Even today, no other application can come close to Google Lens in terms of functionality, integration, and ease of use. With Google Lens, Google has been able to nail this holy trinity down to pure perfection.

Well, gone are the days when you had to call your over-achieving friend to help you with your math homework. This is 2021, and with Google Lens adding one more amazing feature to its arsenal, will now also help you solve your math problems. Sounds surreal? Take a quick glance down below to know more about it!

Opening Google Lens on your Mobile

There are a plethora of ways to access Google Lens on Android devices. Let’s check them out first.

On Android Devices

You can access the Google Lens with your native camera as well. Open the camera app on your device and either tap on the ‘Google Lens’ icon or tap and hold on the viewfinder for few seconds to open Google Lens.

If your device does not support Google Lens in your native camera app, you can bring up Google Assistant by long-pressing the power button of your device. Then, tap on the ‘Google Lens’ icon from the bottom of your screen.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use Google Assistant or don’t have access to it. You can head to the Google application and tap on the ‘Camera’ icon situated on the right side of the search bar to access ‘Google Lens’.

On iOS Devices

Though Android devices have a great many ways to access Google Lens. The same cannot be said for iOS devices.

The only way to access Google Lens on an iOS device is through the Google application. First, locate and tap on the Google application from the home screen of your device.

Next, tap on the ‘Camera’ icon to access Google Lens.

Solve Math Problem using Google Lens

Once Google Lens is open on your device, swipe to the ‘Homework’ tab from the bottom Ribbon.

After that, position your math problem in such a way that it is inside the brackets displayed on the screen. Next, click a picture using the ‘Camera’ button.

It will take Google Lens a minute to look for the solution. Once done, it’ll show you a card in the lower section of the screen displaying the recognized formula. Now, swipe up from the center of the card to reveal the solution.

Google Lens will provide you with the steps to solve the problem, using all the methods applicable to the question. It will also display the final value of the solution, should you only need the final answer.

To reveal the steps to solve the equation, tap on any method.

Google Lens will provide a view of all the major steps to solve the problem. To get a comprehensive view of a particular step, tap on the ‘inverted carat’ icon (downward arrow).

You can also switch between methods to view the solution. To switch, tap on the name of other method, located on the top section of screen.

For some complex math problems. Google Lens might not show you a direct solution. However, it will show you related results from all around the web.

As you can notice in the picture below, Google Lens could not show a direct solution for an integral of tan2x. However, it does provide a link to the solution available on ‘Wolfram|Alpha’. Tap on the website name to jump to the solution.

You can also scroll down further to find more related articles to the problem.

Now that you don’t need help from your friend to solve your math problems. You better finish your work fast!