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How to Change Background in Safari Start Page on iPhone

Set any image as a custom background in Safari on your iPhone.

Address Bar

How to Show Safari Search Bar at Top on iPhone running iOS 15

Annoyed by the new search/ address bar location in Safari running iOS 15? Here’s how to put it back to top.

Apple iPhone

How to Update iPhone

Not sure of the best way to update your iPhone? Learn all the ways to do it and decide for yourself which one is the most convenient for you.

Remote access

How to Install RSAT Tools on Windows 11

Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) is used for remote management of roles and feature on a Windows server from a…

Delete user account

How to Delete your Microsoft Account

A simple guide to help you get rid of your Microsoft account.

Web Passwords

How to Delete Saved Passwords in Microsoft Edge

Accidentally saved a password you shouldn’t have? This guide is here to help you remove a saved password

Computer Repair

How to Repair Windows 11

Facing problems with your Windows 11 computer lately? Try any of these methods to pluck the issue from the root!


How to Uninstall Microsoft Store Games

We all grow out of virtual games. It’s natural! And when that happens, you can use these methods to get rid of games that no longer serve.


How to Cancel Microsoft Subscription

A quick and easy guide to help cancel your Microsoft 365 and Xbox Game Pass subscription

Video Call Google Meet

How to Blur Background on Microsoft Teams

If you’re apprehensive of the background on a Microsoft Teams call, this guide will help you figure out a way around and through the problem!

Graphics Card

How to Check your Graphics Card in Windows 11

Easily find the graphics card model or manufacturer information by looking into your system settings on Windows 11.


How to Install or Uninstall Fonts on Windows 11

Use custom fonts in Windows 11 to add a creative touch to your documents and presentations.

Google Drive Logo

How to Block Someone on Google Drive

Stop someone from sharing files with you by blocking them on Google Drive.


How to Go to a Certain Date in Teams Chat

Find an important message by navigating to a specific date in your Teams chat history.

Shuffleboard Game

How to Play Shuffleboard in iMessage on iPhone

Learn how to play Shuffleboard on iMessage and experience the nostalgia and fun digitally.

Command Prompt

How to Open Command Prompt as an Admin on Windows 11

Command Prompt is one very powerful command-line interpreter that has been included in every version of Windows to date. Moreover,…

File Explorer Icon

How to Fix it when Windows 11 File Explorer is Not Responding

Quick tips to resolve most common File explorer issues on Windows 11.

Fix Computer

How to Fix Windows 11 Taskbar and Start Menu not Working or Showing Up

Taskbar or Start Menu not showing up? Learn how to resolve the issue quickly and regain the functionality of your Windows 11 computer.

8 Ball Pool Game

How to Play 8 Ball Pool on iMessage

Everything you need to know about playing 8 Ball Pool on iMessage with your friends on iPhone.

Mac iMessage

How to Turn Off iMessage Notifications on Mac

Easy ways to turn off or manage iMessage notifications on your Mac so you can work better and bump up your productivity.

Computer Monitor

How to Change Refresh Rate in Windows 11

Effortlessly change the monitor refresh rate of your Windows 11 PC for a smoother viewing experience.

Dark Mode

How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Chat

Save your eyes from burning out when working in the wee hours with Dark Mode in Google Chat.

Notification Bell

How to Turn Off Notifications in Windows 11

Turn off any non-critical notifications on your Windows 11 PC to stay productive during work hours.