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How to Copy and Paste Text from Camera or Photos on iPhone

With iOS 15, you can now copy and paste text directly from Camera or the Photos app on your iPhone! It’s as effortless as copying text from a webpage or document.

Video call grid view mobile

How to Enable Grid View in FaceTime

In iOS 15, Apple has brought the long-awaited features users have been asking for in FaceTime. First, there’s now FaceTime…

Mobile video call

How to Use FaceTime on Android

Hurray! Android users can now join a FaceTime call using a FaceTime link shared by an iPhone user.

Browser tabs

How to Use Tab Groups in Safari on iPhone and Mac

Always have a bazillion of tabs open? Learn how to create a Tab Group in Safari to manage tabs efficiently and declutter your research work.

iOS 15

How to Download and Install iOS 15 Beta on your iPhone

At WWDC 2021, Apple has announced the much-awaited iOS 15 update for developers to test and try their apps on…

How to Change New Tab Background in Chrome

Bored of seeing that same plain background of Chrome daily? It’s high time to change to new tab background and add some personalization to it as well!

Mac computer

How to Fix ‘Application menu bar not responding’ Problem on Mac M1

The application menu bar located on the top section of the screen is definitely one of the most crucial components…


How to Enable or Disable Location Service for Apps on Mac

Don’t know how to enable location access for an app on your Mac? Not able to find your Mac on Find My services? All your questions would be answered here!

Mac computer

How to Automatically Launch and Close an App on Mac at Scheduled Times

Want to automatically launch and shut down your media server at a specific time on your Mac? Well, learn how to set a schedule for apps to automatically launch and close at specific times.

Google Chat

Google Chat Tips and Tricks You Must Know

Using Google Chat in your daily life? Well, here’s a compilation of Google Chat tips and tricks you must know about.

Chrome Password Manager

How to Edit or Update Saved Passwords in Chrome

Looking for a way to edit or update already saved passwords in Chrome? Or you just want to have a quick look at the features available? Look no further!


What is IDP.Generic and How to Uninstall it from Windows 10

Curious about what is IDP.Generic malware? Cannot decide if it’s an actual threat or should you ignore it? It is high time you should read this article!


How to Reset Safari to Default Settings on Mac and iPhone

Scratching your head to reset Safari to default settings? Don’t know where to begin? Well don’t worry, we have got your back!

Group chat

How to Create, Join and Use Google Chat Rooms

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of features available in Google Chat Rooms? Need a quick and easy guide? Well, you have just been served!

Spell Check

How to Enable ‘Enhanced Spell Check’ in Chrome

Google introduced the ‘Enhanced Spell Check’ feature in Chrome. What does it mean for you and how can you enable it? Should you even consider it?

USB Security Key

How to Make a USB Security Key for your Windows and Mac Computer

Do not lose your sleep over security woes for your digital accounts. Mount an impenetrable defense using a USB security key and lose all your security woes!

A computer process

What is WindowServer Process and Why It Causes High Memory and CPU Usage on Mac

MacBooks over the years have garnered a reputation for being reliable and fast. Apple built these machines to last you…


How to View, Manage, or Remove a Safari Extension

Safari extension showing up in Launchpad? Cannot get the old extension file working? Well, we have all the answers for you!

How to Search in Google Chat

With Google Chat replacing Hangouts, a new user interface came with many features that were not available before. ‘Search’ in…

Copyright symbol

How to Type the Copyright Symbol on Your Computer

Annoyed by the constant need to copy & paste the Copyright Symbol? Learn how to quickly type the Copyright symbol using options present in your computer!

Google Photos Logo

How to Hide People & Pets from ‘Memories’ in Google Photos

Google Photos keeps showing up your old flame or an older pet? Learn how to hide some people or pets in Memories on Google Photos.