Parth Sawhney

Taskbar Backup and Restore

How to Backup and Restore Pinned Items on Taskbar in Windows 11

Easily backup and restore pinned items on your taskbar with this helpful guide.

iPhone Alarm

How to Change Alarm Sound on iPhone

Change Alarm sound on your iPhone and wake up with your favorite tunes.

Crazy 8 Game

How to Play Crazy 8 on iMessage

Play a game of Crazy 8 with your near and dear ones over iMessage.

Twitter Record

How to Record Twitter Spaces

Record your Twitter Space and share it up to 30 days with everyone.

Content Cache

How to Enable and Use Content Caching on Mac

Upgrade your Apple devices faster without using additional cellular data or bandwidth with the help of Content Caching on your MacBook.

Delete Reminder

How to Delete Reminders on iPhone

Create a shortcut to automatically delete all your completed Reminders or head to the Reminders app to manually delete a list or item.

Dart Game

How to Play Darts on iMessage

Play a game of darts on iMessage with your near and dear ones virtually.

Gmail App

How to Set Gmail as Default Mail App on iPhone or iPad

You can now change the default Mail app on your iPhone and iPad.

Record Video Call

How to Record FaceTime with Audio

Easily record a FaceTime call with audio on your iPhone and Mac with this easy tutorial.

Voice Control PC

How to Voice Control your Windows 11 PC

Control your PC with your voice easily with the new Voice access feature in Windows 11.

Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome

How to Redirect Microsoft Edge System Links to Chrome on your Windows PC using MSEdgeRedirect Tool

Annoyed by system links opening in Microsoft Edge? Install MSEdgeRedirect Tool on your Windows 11 PC and configure all links to open in Chrome.


How to Fix Spacebar or Enter Key Not Working Issue in Windows 11

5 solutions that are bound to fix all your keyboard woes.

System Restore Point

How to Add a ‘Create Restore Point’ Option to Context Menu in Windows 11

Easily create a System Restore Point quickly by adding the option to the context menu of your Windows 11 PC.


How to Enable or Disable Memory Compression in Windows 11

Experiencing lag on your Windows machine lately? Try toggling the Memory Compression feature to get back a lag-free experience.

Video Captions

How to Enable Captions in Facebook Video

Enable captions on Facebook and still be able to enjoy the videos with your sound off or when your earphones aren’t around.

Program Folder

Where are Microsoft Store Apps Installed in Windows 11?

Need to access the installation files of an app you downloaded from the Microsoft Store? Here’s a quick guide to help you through the process.

Mobile Game

How to Play Filler on iMessage

Play Filler on iMessage with your friends and kill boredom with fun.


How to Play Reversi on iMessage

Play Reversi on iMessage with your friends on iPhone and have fun while thinking strategically and logically.


How to Set a Song on Spotify as Ringtone on your iPhone

Bored with pre-loaded ringtones for your iPhone? Now set your favourite song from Spotify as a ringtone on your iPhone with just a few taps.

Computer Voice Assistant

How to Use Alexa App for Windows 11

Don’t have a smart speaker with Alexa built-in? Download it on your Windows 11 PC and control IoT devices, set reminders, and a lot more with just as much ease.

Computer Lock

How to Change Windows 11 Lock Screen Timeout

Configure when your Windows 11 PC should lock itself when you’re away.

Record Video

How to Record Video on a Windows 11 PC

Need to record a training video or send recorded lecture to your students? Use the inbuilt camera on your Windows PC or connect an external one and record it hassle-free.

Wireless Monitor

How to Use TV as a Monitor for your Windows 11 PC

Hook up your TV to your Windows 11 PC and use it as a monitor.


How to Use Cortana Without Voice on Windows 11

Revoke Cortana’s microphone permission if you’re worried about privacy but don’t lose its convenience.